Jon and I are fortunate enough to be teachers so our spring break starts officially today after work! Woohoo! We’re starting the break with a trip to Austin with some friends and we’ve got food, food and more food on the brain! With all the anticipation of sushi, bbq and late night food trips I thought I’d share one of my favorite food photographers, Anders Schonnemann. He has a great eye for shooting food and the pure texture of that raspberry sherbet resembles the softest silk material I can imagine. I wouldn’t mind a bite of that chocolate dipped pear either.

Some Austin stops: Kerby Lane, Salt Lick, Mozarts,and Β Liberty Bar.Β Where else should we hit up while we’re in Austin? What’s a must-try on your list? I have to admit….I don’t really like Hey, Cupcake (I’d rather take a Sprinkle’s cupcake) but I’m open for suggestions, especially dessert places!

Have a great weekend friends! I hope it’s full of friends, laughter-filled conversations and of course a delicious dish or two.

{all photos by Anders Schonnemann}