I’ve always been a huge fan of color in general so these spectacular engagements are pretty much warming every place in my heart. The fun eye behind these pictures is Australian photographers You Can’t Be Serious. They’re a husband and wife duo (photography + videography) and judging by this photo idea, I think they’re pretty brilliant and likely loads of fun. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was looking at these photographs!  This shoot reminds me a lot of this party idea that I’d love to do one day with friends (strangers are welcome too though).

Have any fun photo ideas you’ve been loving lately? If you did this idea with your special someone or friends, what three colors would you choose to throw in their face (it’s not love until you throwing stuff at each other). I’ve loved the color blue my entire life, so I think it’d be really neat to have a monochromatic color fight with Jon with various tints and hues of blue! Talking about all this blue makes this song come to mind

(found via Pinterest; all photos by You Can’t Be Serious}