The above photographs are all from The Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture” column featuring a series of photographs from current events around the world. As you would imagine, each of the photographs you see here are from Japan. Much like you, my heart is burdened for those in Japan and the friends and families around the world that are mourning for those who are missing or who have lost their lives. Paula Nelson from The Boston Globe writes

“The death toll rises, but some hope is realized in the reunions of family and friends.”

Jon and I are in constant prayer for those in Japan and we’re praying for their peace of mind, for abundant provisions, and especially for hope. These photos of houses literally swept away, train carts stacked liked legos, photo albums left behind and empty grocery shelves are not easy to process, but I pray that both you and I would attempt to grasp the reality of what is happening and feel moved to enough to do sacrifice our time to pray and a part of our finances to give.

I’ll be participating in this Friday’s Blogger’s Day of Silence for Japan hosted by Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged who have created a donation site called “For Japan With Love.” The site has been created to connect fellow bloggers in an attempt to take this silence together and in turn, hopefully offer exposure to “For Japan With Love” which links readers to a great disaster relief organization called ShelterBox (click here for more info). For an additional list of organizations to donate to that are specifically helping Japan you can check out this list from the New York Time’s. {thanks Danni for sharing about all of this}

If you’d like to see more visuals the devastation that is being experienced feel free to view the photos they have at The Big Picture. I know our blogger community may not be a very big one, but I trust that it is a community that unites in support of those in need. Thanks guys for letting me share some of my heart with you although this post may be off the beaten track of my blog.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.