Emersonmade is one of those brands that immediately lures you into their site because almost every single piece of theirs is so tastefully and beautifully made that you want to own it the second you see it. I knew of Emersonmade first for their gorgeous fabric flowers, but they’ve since expanded their line to include tailored-like clothing pieces such as skirts, blazers and my favorite yet, these silk screen scoop neck blouses.

Swoon, swoon. Double swoon!

I’m in utter love with this blouse. It’s versatile: wear it with skinny jeans, tuck it in a skirt, put a blazer or a cardigan over it and you’ll look flawless in any season! The print is subtle and I’m not normally drawn to clothing with red in it, but I can hardly resist this piece.

Now…how do I convince my husband to allow me to purchase this blouse that costs the same as, oh I don’t know, our car insurance? Or a 19” monitor? Maybe I can win him over by saying that 8 of his seminary books is the equivalent to this blouse? Yeah, I didn’t think I had a strong case either. Cheers to loving beautiful things even if you can’t own them! What’s your fave Emersonmade product?