A few months ago my sweet husband did a guest post for me (read its awesomeness here) which evolved into a column called “A Gentleman’s Touch.” Unfortunately Jon has been quite busy and unable to post so in his temporary absence, I thought I would combine a little eclectic love with of a strong hint a gentleman’s touch. Here are the results of my search:

I’m adoring these ties from Dolbeau.

Jon loves to write school, seminary, and love notes in his Field Notes.

Assorted men’s accessories all under $30 from Forever 21

(J owns the brown bag and of course the fake glasses are my fave!).

GQ says the woven leather belt is the way to go and I couldn’t agree more (FYI my brother’s dog’s name is GQ, how awesome is that?)! (photo by Nigel Cox)

Blazer with detachable hoodie from Zara.

We got Jon one similar to this in a charcoal grey for our engagement photos, and he basically hasn’t stopped wearing it since (someone please ask him to wash it).

Gotta love a classy pair of Ampersand cufflinks (by Veer).

( TOMS Charcoal Chambray, Ralph Lauren Telly, TOMS Vegan Gingham)

Every man needs his fly kicks

(Ludlow two button Italian wool suit by J.Crew)

And of course every man needs at least one nice suit (ladies, back me up here! The hubs doesn’t quite understand this concept).

If you follow me on Pinterest then you may be familiar with my board “How to dress my husband.” This photograph from The Satorlialist was one of my first pins because I wanted Jon to take some style tips from this chic older man. At the very least, I’d hope he’d take note of his awesome bicycle! *ring ring*

What’s your favorite from this roundup? What could you actually see your husband, boyfriend, brother, or father sporting?