Jon and I have had a lot of great weekends that I’ve yet to share (some from last year even….yikes, I’m behind) so I thought I’d take a moment to do so today. Our super fun friend Betsy from Asheville, North Carolina was in town for work for a day and a half so we tried to maximize our play time while she was here.

Thursday night we picked Betsy up from her hotel and headed to Billy Bob’s (yes it’s called that!) to go line dancing with some friends! Sorry for the poor quality photo, all we had was our phones.

Friday night we insisted on taking Betsy to one of our favorite Dallas restaurant, Asian Mint. Hands down, some of the best Thai food in the metroplex.

Jon and I aren’t really that cool, but luckily we have friends who are so our next stop was the gallery opening in Dallas’ Design District for 20cDesigns that Brandon and Adrienne invited us to. It was awesome! I loved the ceiling beams and typography as decor is always a win for me. Plus you know an opening is legit when they have DJ on a lit platform. Too bad there wasn’t any dancing! But….

There was free food! My friends know how quickly I’ll bolt to get some yummy free food. This photo is not unlike what I normally look like when there are hors d’oeuvres being served!

Food wasn’t the only thing that was free! Aren’t my dates fun? Love them.

Here we are with our cool friends Brandon and Adrienne! Whenever I see an ideal location for a photograph, such as this green valour couch, I always attempt to take advantage of it (even if that means very politely asking the people sitting there to move for just a quick minute).

We have a full weekend ahead of us: a dinner, a brunch, and a couple of friend’s parties including what should be an epic 30th birthday for our dear friend Kate who has been begging for a serious dance party for the past few months so…we’re going to make it happen! Can’t wait.

What are you up to this weekend? Low key relaxing weekend perhaps? Or an adventurous “I’ll see where weekend takes me” kind of plans? Regardless, I hope you enjoy whatever it is you choose to do! Happy weekend!