On my recipe list to make:

The “Perfect Hummus” by A Couple Cooks

Homemade focaccia bread by Sunday Suppers (inspired by my friend Rachel who’s been making bread from scratch lately).

Cannelle et Vanille cooks, styles, and photographs food with perfection, but I must confess, her recipes are a little over my head at this point in my cooking career. If you can recommend a doable recipe of hers, please, send it over as quickly as possible to hello@vivjordan.com. If you want to tell me I’m ridiculous for being intimidated by her recipes then please contact me at goodbye@vivjordan.com.

Homemade cranberry fro-yo with crisp rye and cocoa granola by Scandi Foodie.

A Vegan and Gluten free “Alfredo” spinach pasta by With Style and Grace.

I have a serious weakness for curry. Coconut basil chicken curry by Eclectic Recipes (what a fitting name for a food blog *wink*).

Banana-stuffed French Toast by Panini Happy.

I have to end with a dessert, naturally. Here are the s’more bars by The Crepes of Wrath.


Other great recipes I’m begging to try (while drooling over the photos):

1) Pizzelle’s homemade croissants (this multi-talented blogger also authors the beautifully written blog, Not Your Average Ordinary)

2) A banana milkshake by Coffee, Light and Sweet

3) Garlic Fries from Cooking Light’s list of their top 20 best recipes of all time (I’ve done a couple of these so far and they’ve each been a hit)


What’s on your cooking to-do list?