I am utterly in love with these clutches by Ila Handbags. After seeing a colorful textured stack of handbags on Patterson Maker Tumblr on my reader, I immediately had to see where the original source was from. To my delight, I was greeted with clutch purses with the most lovely textiles and unique shapes. Of course I’d gladly sport any of these awesome clutches, but I’d also really love any of the dresses as well. So feminine and adorable! What’s even more neat about Ila Handbags is that they take custom orders  that you can customize to match your wedding colors or even add a brooch or embellishment. Brides may easily consider this as a viable option as a wedding gift to their bridal party. How awesome would it be to receive a bridesmaid’s gift like this? Yeah, triple awesome. My thoughts exactly.

Which one is your favorite? Have your purchased an Ila Handbag already? I’d love to hear about the quality and durability of product. If you’re in Minnesota you’re in luck because that’s the only state that carries these clutches in their stores (only two thus far). Speaking of bridal party, what did you give your bridesmaids for your wedding? If you’re not married yet, what would you consider gifting your BMs? I’m just curious to know. I gifted my BMs the shoes they were going to wear on the wedding day. I decided to go the practical route I suppose.