I think I’m in puppy love, literally. Nicole Mlarkar-Livingston is the eye behind these adorable shots and she’s a fantastic photographer based out of Austin. Here’s a little intro to Nicole:


Nicole Mlakar Photography provides lifestyle photography for Austin’s pets and the people who love them. Her on-location natural light photography will produce captivating portraits of you and your furry loved ones.


Now furry could really apply to either my dog Hoosier Daddy or Jon (trust me, he’s giggling as he reads this) but either way, I’d absolutely love a shoot with Nicole and our little family of three. I can only imagine how adorable Hoosier would be in these photos! If you’re in the metroplex Nicole also makes two trips a year up to Dallas. Woohoo!

Are you in love yet? What! You’re not a dog lover? What can I do to change your mind? You say you prefer cats? That’s fine, we can still be friends.

{Upon posting Nicole‘s work I was instantly reminded of Amy Moss’ similar post}