Jon planned this awesome date for us at the end of our glorious spring break and I’m so thrilled to share it with you today. Feel free to leave a comment specifically for Jon to let him know that you also recognized his great effort. He likes to read your comments so I know he’d greatly appreciate it (the goofier, the better)!

The first leg of our date began with a stop at a new restaurant for us, The Grape. Trying new restaurants is the easiest way to make a date fun for us because it’s something out of the ordinary, and the prospect of discovering a delectable dish (like the pasta one above) is always exciting (to us at least). The Grape was amazing and the weather was so perfect we sat outside. Jon was so cute when we were getting ready to leave because he suggested I bring my glasses (which I got from theย party at Alt) because of the second portion of our evening:

{If you didn’t know this, I thrive on fun photo opportunities like the ones above.}

The Dallas Museum of Art! Once a month the museum hosts a Late Night at the DMA event where you can bask in the glorious art collections past the museum’s normal closing hours. Besides the fun evening factor at the museum, this was an incredibly thoughtful date idea for Jon to execute because I’m an elementary art teacher who takes students to the DMA twice a year, therefore, Jon knew that I could maneuver through the museum knowledgeably and he intentionally wanted me to share my favorite pieces and student stories with him. Brilliant. I felt like his personal docent, and I loved every minute of it!

Every Late Night event has a theme and this evening’s super fun theme happened to be…

dedicated to Dr. Seuss! We loved walking around with kids and adults who had just created their own Cat in the Hat construction paper hats, blue wigs, and green eggs with ham (didn’t really see this, but wish I had).

We finished our time at the DMA with a concert featuring a local Dallas artist named Doug Burr. It was a pretty fantastic experience listening to the soft acoustics while sitting in the atrium of the museum beside the stunning glass flowers by Dale Chihuly. I attempted to sit there and savor it all. After the DMA Jon and I went home, made cookies, and moved the TV into our bedroom to watch some fun shows. Needless to say, it was the perfect ending to the perfect date!

TRANSPARENCY TIME: I don’t want to be deceptive here. This definitely was a magnificent date, ย but we’ve ย certainly had our GOOD share of dates that have flopped, not gone the way we wanted it to, or ended up in a fight rather than enjoying our time together. I mention this because I think it’s too easy to share only the good parts of our lives without recognizing the imperfections of it all. Plus, this was the first date we’ve had in a few months so it’s not a regular occurrence. Just thought I’d put that out there for anyone who might need to hear it.

Happy weekend friends! A big thanks to my love who planned this memorable date and thanks to you guys for all the sweet comments this week and for all of your wonderful support. If you haven’t had a date night in a while…GO! If you haven’t done something spontaneous in a while, GO! Have a great weekend y’all.