Don’t you think these macaroons are styled beautifully? Wait til’ you see the actual store that houses these brightly colored French pastries.

Honestly, have you ever seen a more immaculate macaroon shop? If yes, send me the link immediately, if no, please read on. Anagrama is the brilliant firm behind the branding and interior design of Mexico’s first macaroon patisserie, Theurel and Thomas. The entire shop was selected to be white to contrast and enhance the color of the macaroons.

My initial thoughts upon discovering this gem of sweet tooth goodness was “Boy, I really want a macaroon” and “The upkeep of this store must be ridiculous.” I mean, imagine trying to clean your stark white house everyday when you know the only thing coming through it are the delicious colorful crumbs of macaroons. I’d like to see what the daily maintenance for this place is. I’m way too type B to even consider the thought of maintaining what’s supposed to be perfectly clean on a regular basis. I’d much rather do math (and I hate math!).

Do you have a favorite macaroon flavor? Do tell!

{photos from Anagrama and Yatzer via Eclec Chic}