Weekends have been crazy and great at the same time so I thought I’d play catch up and share a few of the shenanigans that we’ve been up.

We had a great girl’s Saturday morning (with a baby and two puppies as well!) visiting this awesome and reasonably priced furniture store called Nadeau. Afterwards we ventured over to Crate and Barrel Outlet. My girlfriends are great because they take the silly blog photos I ask them to pose for.

Are you familiar with the feather trend? My friend Becky got it done and also learned how to do it in the process! What are your thoughts on feathering?

This is our friend Caleb (ladies, he’s single and ready to mingle). He recently moved from Chicago back to Dallas so our friends Amanda and Kyle threw him a surprise Mad Men themed welcome back party (that’s a mouthful).

We all laughed in his face when he arrived at the party. Just kidding. We’re just messing around here.

Then my brother and sis-in-law came into town from Los Angeles (remember their restaurant?) so had to get them the food they couldn’t find as easily in LA like good ol’ southern comfort food. So we ate and we ate and we…

chickened around! This is typical behavior between my brother and me. We’ll probably look the same in our sixties.

We’ve been loving quality double dates and…

dinner parties amongst good friends followed by…

an epic craft night! Well, not that epic but we thought we’d make funny faces and hold up random stuff we’ve made. That cute blonde on the left is my friend Rach and you should absolutely check out her blog, Felicity Life.

I had the privilege of catching up with a blogger I had met at Alt Summit this past January! Jane is a beautiful mom, designer, and blogger extraordinaire Β and she and her husband were in town to watch the opening Red Sox games against the Rangers. It was so awesome reconnecting with Jane (and hanging out with a fellow blogger in person) and hearing about her latest endeavors. Check out more of her Dallas visit here.

{I didn’t realized Jon’s eyes were closed in this pic until much later…oops!}

Lastly, one of my favorite Friday evenings was when Rach and I surprised our husbands with a date to the minor leagues Rough Riders game. We took blankets and sat at center field and the boys were giddy with excitement. The stadium is gorgeous, the weather was perfect and we honestly couldn’t have had a better night.

Thanks for enduring the long post and allowing me to share our fun weekends with you. What was one of your most memorable weekends? What makes a weekend good to you? Hope you have a great one!