{if you don’t have much time, definitely just watch a snippet of it!}

Trust me, I don’t really love it when a blog has too many videos, so if I post one I think for whatever crazy reason it’s really worth sharing with you. This video is certainly no exception unless you don’t want to smile and don’t enjoy dance parties. Now, it’s not exactly a “party” per say, more than it is just a kid with a fun personality and passion for dancing and lip synching in the middle of an Apple store. Greatness, I know.

Admittedly, this video is not too dissimilar from our marital dance parties at home. Let me know you want to join us sometime. I’ll make you a reservation to boogie with us.

I think we all need a little pep to our step this Monday and iTrevor is the perfect way to begin the week. Happy Monday friends!

{via The Daily What}