{A gift for an invitation client’s shower who adores vintage design as much as I do!}

my packaging skills. I’ve got a long list of creative endeavors I’d like to either pursue or improve in such as

  • party planning
  • photography
  • crafting in general (hot glue gun anyone?)
  • sewing
  • packaging
  • creating a stationery line (that means saying no to clients, and it hasn’t been easy to do so)
  • cooking (I already cook, but who doesn’t need improvement in this area except Martha Stewart)
  • basic organization
  • getting involved in a flash mob somehow (here’s one of my favorites)
  • traveling (there is definitely in art to traveling well and traveling can definitely influence and inspire one’s creative process)
What’s on your creative to-do list? Jewelry designing? Scrapbooking? Writing? Handmade hair accessories? Poetry? Do tell!