In all honestly, the Vespa is not a viable option, but besides the coveted Jeep Wrangler, Jon secondly adores Vespas. We’re currently in a situation where we need to get a new vehicle and if either of us worked close to home (which we do not) a Vespa would be a perfect option for saving money on gas, zipping to and fro and looking all sorts of cool while driving it. By new vehicle I’m absolutely referring to a new used vehicle, but after sitting over three hours at a dealership yesterday negotiating and calculating all those numbers, I’m ready to bike to work.

What are your thoughts on Vespas? Which one is your fave? If I had my choice, I’d definitely go with the gorgeous mint Vespa. What are your tips on purchasing a used car? What are your tips on car searching without stressing out all the time? Oh, there aren’t any tips for that? I’ll be praying Jon and I can experience some sort of peace during this process then!