I like having options, don’t you? I had three design deadlines this week (not to mention planning a party, shopping for a car and enduring the busyness at work) so I’ve been weaving in and out of my design files looking for this and that and I realized I tend to offer my clients these fun little option boards. Whether it’s a variation in font for their monogram, or choosing a color pairing for their invite, it’s always nice to give options and to be given options. Above are a few option boards I’ve done for three very different weddings: one traditional American, another modern Indian, and another a destination wedding.

Sometimes, clients can’t get enough options (not always a bad thing, but sometimes it can prolong the design process). Sometimes, they just want me to pick (this can be both good and bad depending on the client, but I enjoy it because it means they trust my aesthetic). And sometimes I wonder if I’m giving too many options or not enough. If you’re a designer, how do you prefer to offer your clients options? Where do you limit yourself? If you’ve been on the client side of design or intend to be, how many options do you like to be given? I’m just curious to see how people approach this subject. I’ll continue to offer my incredible clients options to suit their fancy, but I am learning how to become more efficient for myself and for them.

I hope you opt to have a great Thursday!

{all images created by The Eclectic Author for The Eclectic Press}