{When the wife’s away, the husband will play. Jon took this when he thought I wasn’t looking. Ridiculous.}

The talented ladies behind Urban Scarlet and Bliss! hosted a DIY party competition on their blogs recently with incredible prizes that would easily entice any party lover. As soon as I read the competition rules, my mind began brewing with DIY party ideas. The hardest part for sure was thinking of an original concept. I decided to take the photo booth route because I think they’re the best party idea that doesn’t cost anything (the digital photos at least) but it adds a lot of life to your shindig. I created a checkered wall photo backdrop  (with the help of a few friends of course) and afterwards we naturally had to have a little camera fun! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I’ll make it to the next round where the top three finalists will be announced tomorrow, but even I don’t make it, I’ll be more than excited to learn some new DIY tutorials for future parties.

Yay for competitions that requires you to use and apply your creativity. I need that! What about you? What creative endeavors have you been up to lately? Maybe a better question is what creative endeavors have you put off  and promised you’d try, but haven’t made time to get around to? Last question, what your all time favorite back drop? Ashley Meaders creates THE most awesome photo backdrops around.