1. Bon Bon Cake Stand 2. White Footed Cake Stand 3. Pedestal 58
4. Jadeite Cake Stand  5. Blue Glass Cake Stand 6. Pink Antique Cake Stand
 7. Peach Lace  8. White Enamel Scallop Edged Cake Stand 9. Tiny Scallop Cake Stand

I planned a good friend’s 30th birthday party  (with a lot of amazing help, shout out to Molly!) last week so being involved with that event in combination with the DIY checkered backdrop I created (also with great friends Rach & Kristen) is putting my mind into serious party idea overload. Cake pedestals seem to add so much to an ordinary dessert or appetizer table and I’m in love with all the different options that are current available! I’m particularly drawn to cake stands with details like the scallop edges, pastel colors, and it absolutely needs to have a beautiful foot like cake stand numbers 2 and 4.

Which one is your favorite? Which one would you actually use to display at your house or a party? I’m trying to save my pennies for a Jeanette Zese ceramic cake pedestal. I’ll invite you to my party once I acquire it!