Hey friends! I am humbled and thrilled to have been chosen as one the top six finalists for The Party DIY Challenge hosted by Urban Scarlet and Bliss! Today they’re posting all six tutorials on their site and asking readers to vote on their favorite. If you have a minute, would you consider heading over to Bliss! and voting for The Eclectic Life’s checkered backdrop? All you need to do is leave a comment.

If you feel inclined to vote for a different DIY tutorial, I understand! There is some seriously awesome competition, so no worries if you fall in love with something else. We’ll still be friends! I’ve posted the tutorial below as well in the event you want to make an affordable fun backdrop for a future party! Thanks for all the support friends!  Happy Monday.

Hey friends! I hope your day is going swell. If you’ve ever had or wanted a photo booth at your party, but wasn’t sure what an affordable, easy and colorful backdrop to choose, then I’ve got an idea that might be right down your alley. Today I’m going to show you how to create a checkered backdrop with just a few items:

Checkered Backdrop Supply List:

  • At least two colors of streamers. In this example I am using four: coral, sea foam green, off white and a light peach.
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Pom pom flower not necessary, but I wanted to add a little pouf to the photo

1. First measure how large you want your photo booth to be. If you want to fit larger groups, I suggest making your photo booth as wide as reasonably possible and at least 6.5 feet in height. My example here is 4′ x 6.5′ and comfortable photographs up to three people.

2. Once you’ve measured the height, you’ll need to take your streamers and cut several strips the height of your backdrop.

3. Next you’ll need to take your masking tape and cut a strip the width of your backdrop. Put it on a table with the adhesive side facing up and begin sticking your streamers one by one along the masking tape.

4. Next you’ll take your masking tape full of lovely streamers and tape it to the wall to begin creating your checkered backdrop.

5. Once your tape of streamers is secure on the wall, you can follow these directions and my photographs above to create a checkered background.

  • Like you’re familiar with how to weave paper (grade school art anyone?), but even if you’re not it’s a simple process. The first step in weaving the streamers is to put a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the streamer you are about to weave with. Stick the streamer either on the wall or the first vertical streamer (depending on where you are in the process) and begin to take your streamer and weave under the vertical streamers going over one and the under the next. Over and under, over and under until you’ve reached the end of the vertical streamers. You’ll need another piece of double-sided tape to place under your streamer to secure it and if you begin your weaving on top of a streamer, you’ll likely need to apply one more double-sided tape strip to the back of that streamer (in this case, I put it under the sea foam green streamer).
  • A good way to check to see if you’ve woven your streamer correctly is to pull it towards you slightly and see if the streamers you’ve woven underneath are the same in appearance.
  • Lastly, trim the end of your streamer to create a cleaner look to your backdrop (optional).
  • Repeat the process until backdrop is complete (make sure every other streamer is begins the same way either over the first vertical streamer or underneath)

Here’s a progression of the backdrop. No, I didn’t make my friends do all the work, but yes I was so thankful they were there. It took just over an hour to complete with the help of these lovely ladies.

Once you’re done creating the backdrop, grab some friends and have some photo booth fun!