So my amazing friend Amy is a floral designer for Branching Out Designs and besides constantly providing me with the most gorgeous fresh flowers for parties and everyday decor, she also offered me this ladder that her studio was about throw out! It’s cracked on one side, but please, how could I possibly resist this beautiful freebie? Thanks again Amy!

I’m going to began a new column for the blog entitled either “Ways to Decorate” or “Ways to Wear,” where I’ll take an item, like this ladder, and give you three or four different ways on how to decorate it. It’ll also consist of fashion as well, not that I’m any expert, but it’s always nice to have a visual example of how other people wear a chambray shirt or black skinny pants. To keep it short each title will be called either “3 Ways” or however many ways I decide to play with the featured item. Without further ado, here’s three ways to decorate a vintage ladder:

1. MIX IT UP: I combined my favorite mags and catalog covers with a dish towel (gifted from Anthro), a pair of heels (Gianni Bini) and my Allora Handmade necklace (yes, I do love it).

2. SHOW OFF YOUR HEELS: If you’re like me, my heels are normally hiding in my closet, but I love the idea of sporting them on a ladder to show off your collection and give them a little attention. (REALITY CHECK: They did come off of the ladder and stub my toe a few times.)

3. DRAPE WITH PARTY DECOR: For those of you who follow the blog, you’re probably sick of my sea foam green, coral, newspaper and gold polka-dot pom poms, but you’ll have to live somehow because they’re here to stay! I simply draped the ladder with two strings of pom pom garlands I made a for a party way back when. They’re the strings of garland that simply continue to give! They’re still sitting on my ladder as we speak because I love the contrast of the fragile tissue paper against the worn wooden ladder.

WANT TO SEE MORE OF MY HOME? The beautiful Lillian from Unstitched (seriously, an incredibly well done blog) is featuring my home on her Personal Museums column! Check it out and show Lillian some love! Thanks Lillian for the honor of being on your blog!

What are some other ways I should decorate this ladder? I’ve considered vintage books, tea towels, streamers, ribbons and belts but I’d love to entertain more ideas. If I get a good response, I may just do another ladder post (that is if Jon doesn’t think I’m too crazy when he sees the house in shambles because I’m tearing everything apart to shoot a ladder).

{photos by The Eclectic Author}