It’s been a busy week here at The Eclectic Life so I wanted to take the time just to say thanks to many of you and share what’s been going on!


As you can see from the top image I am so excited to announce that I was the winner of the party DIY competition I’ve been posting, probably way too much, about! I am so grateful to judges from Urban Scarlet, Bliss!, You Are My Fave and Hi Fi Weddings and especially thankful to all of you for your tremendous support and for the way you all have inspired my creativity!

A special shout out goes to Rachel and Kristen for helping me set up the backdrop and posing as my beautiful models in the pics and to Lucy Tran who had her hilarious friends leave comments to support me (aznfool 99, you know who you are). The prize is a generous amount of party supplies, so be expecting pics from a summer soiree I’ll hopefully be throwing in the upcoming months!

As a treat, here’s a gif of all the “secret” shots Jon took of himself. I think you can understand exactly why I adore him!

02jNYD on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


It has been such an honor to be featured elsewhere on other wonderful blogs featuring my home, my work, and my life. A big thank you goes out to the following blogs:

Oh Happy Day – Are you surprised? I know I sure was! The checkered backdrop somehow made it into the hands of Jordan Ferney and she featured it as one of her favorite party ideas of the week. I was seriously in shock when I saw it on her blog! I mean, she’s one of the main reasons why I love to throw a creative party. Crazy. (Thanks to Lillian and Heather for the heads up!)

Unstitched – Lillian and I met at Alt and realized we had started our blogs basically around the same time in 2010. She has an incredible blog that’s been growing like wild fire because her content is just that amazing! She was gracious enough to ask me to share a few tidbits of my home on her Personal Museums series. Thanks so much Lillian!

Paper Anniversary Co – Sommer had me participate in her “The Girl Behind” series, and it was pretty thought-provoking for me to sit down and answer all her awesome questions. It’s always good to reflect on where you started and how far you’ve come. Thanks again Sommer!


Blogging isn’t nearly as fun without you. Being featured on another blog or winning a competition isn’t nearly as much fun without you. It has been such a neat and encouraging experience slowly and steadily growing a community here at The Eclectic Life and it’s just as much fun for me to support your blogs as it is to receive your support. Thanks for celebrating with me, cheering me on, and bearing with my wordiness, poor grammar, and random stories just because. Right now we’re virtual friends, but if you ever mosey on down to Dallas, you know we’re getting lunch, don’t you?


Happy Mother’s day to my sweet mother and Jon’s lovely mother! And happy mother’s day to several of you as well. I hope your weekend is full of grandeur!