I’m in love with the branding design Ryan Feerer created for the Abilene, Texas boutique Betty & June. I can’t get enough of the brilliant use of typography both in the logo and the wall behind the register. The shop’s paper products (bags, tags and biz cards) are all hand stamped. Did you catch that? Hand stamped! Unbelievable! Ryan mentions that it was time consuming, but it accomplishes the look they’re going for and it couldn’t be more charming. Upon discovering this boutique I immediately begged Jon to take a road trip there. What’s a measly three hour drive when good design is involved?

{via Design Work Life}

Don’t forget about the ila Handbag giveaway. It ends this Friday evening, May 13th (just realized it’s going to be Friday the 13th!). Their handbags are too gorgeous to pass up this opportunity!