As bloggers we’re constantly viewing hundreds (some of us thousands) of inspirational images each week. I won’t lie, viewing some of these images has really created an appetite to host a fun party, cook up a delicious new entrée and attend a well decorated dinner party or wedding. Discovering these images from Jillian Clark’s portfolio certainly hasn’t helped satisfy my cravings either, but each event is more than Pinterest worthy (oh blogger lingo!) so I simply had to share. The first three images at the top are from Iceland. I mean, really…Iceland! Can you imagine attending a wedding in such a naturally gorgeous setting?

Jillian does a great job creating details that seem to compliment the occasion without over styling the event and allowing the awesome backdrops, whether it be a Tuscan outdoor setting or a sun drenched room, to take priority. Dear Jillian, I’m a fan. May I come to one of your event pretty please?

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