If you’re on Pinterest you’ve likely seen several amazing hair tutorials from Christina of Hair Romance. I finally had the time to visit Hair Romance’s site to see what all the commotion was about and talk about a treasure trove of hair tutorials!  Christina is currently doing a series called Hairstyles in 30 days where she photographs thirty different hair styles with a visual tutorial of how to accomplish each look. I didn’t grow up knowing how to french braid plus my hair is really fine and slick, so I have major hair deficiency skills, but with the assistance of Hair Romance, there’s help for those who are clueless in this department like me! As if her site wasn’t already amazing, she’s also releasing an e-book on June 1st with photos and full tutorials and tricks on how to get these looks. Be sure to check out her site today and then again on the first to get the e-book!

I love how these looks can easily be worn on a casual summer day or a romantic evening out. The simple side braid and pony tail is probably my favorite, but I’ve always dreamt of having the right hair to pull off the bottom left photograph with the gobs of volume and oomph! Which hairstyle are you loving?