May is one of those months where I feel like everyone’s busy and that doesn’t exclude Jon and me. We’re out of town three out of the four weekends in May and we have a wedding the last weekend of the month. Fortunately, there were a couple of sweet little surprises in the mail to help remind me to take a moment and breathe during the chaos of life.

The first small package I received was from an awesome girl named Lynda. We knew each other from high school but were never close friends (it was one of those mutually respectful relationships plus she was two years younger than me). Well Lynda had found a flower tutorial from one of my blog posts and decided to make me a fabric flower and mail it to me. How nice is that! It was such delightful surprise to receive in the mail and a stellar compliment towards the blog.

The second letter was from a camper I had when I was a counselor at Sky Ranch nearly 7 years ago. It was the summer after my freshman year in college and Jon and I were so excited to be camp counselors  and even more pumped to share Christ with kids! But at the same time I always doubted I had any sort of influence on my campers because as much as I loved the good news of Jesus Christ, I never had confidence in the way that I shared the Gospel. I’m a rather energetic person (Jon often says that I “wear him out”) so all I knew was to love my campers, support my co-counselors (some of whom are still close friends) stay in the Word and be the goofy person the Lord had made me to be.

{image via Send More Mail}

Only by God’s sheer grace did I have the blessing of receiving the most humbling letter from a camper named Amy just a few weeks ago. What’s interesting is the fact that I haven’t talked to her since being her counselor 7 years ago but we clearly remember each other well. She was free-spirited, fun, and articulate and her mom sent her this magnificently delicious 7 layer dessert that I can still taste in my mouth. In her letter she shared some of the most encouraging words I could ever receive as a Christian woman, words I thought I was never worthy or deserving of. Honestly, I’m still not deserving of the kindness of Amy’s observations, but through her letter I am immediately reminded that God can use us to glorify his Himself even in our weakest or silliest state.

Thank you Lynda for taking the time to make this beautiful flower and mail it to me just because. Thank you Amy for taking the time to write me a letter to encourage me and to share how the Lord has worked in your life. Because of you two, I am encouraged to write to the people who deserve letters just because I think they’re awesome.

While we’re having a heart to heart here, I thought I’d share a few more amazing posts of bloggers honestly sharing accounts of personal struggle. I love when bloggers keep it real. It helps me remember that they’re people with everyday trials and hardships. I need that!


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Be encouraged today friends! Encourage someone else in a kind and surprising way today. You may never know how it will positively impact their life! Besides, sometimes we all just need a little pick me up and I’m a huge advocate of genuine compliments because they feel great to give out and awesome to receive! Happy weekend!