Remember when you were a teenager? Hanging out with friends, playing sports, procrastinating on projects and going to parties? Well, the five foodies photographed above decided they would likely do all of the above and cook, bake, style and photograph food as teenagers and start blogs that would each develop a tremendous following. I know how you’re feeling, I too feel like I was totally unproductive as a teenager!

A few of these future chefs have hit their twenties, but they’re still going strong with their food experimentations and what’s even better is that they’ve decided to collaborate together to create a blog entitled The Kitchen Generation. This fresh new blog offers recipes, cooking tips, styling advice and is sure to be a great addition to your reader.

If you’re a food lover like myself, even at 26 (or whatever your age may be) it’s never too late to attempt to discover your love for cooking, but how I wish I was half as gifted as these young food gurus!

{all photos via the authors of The Kitchen Generation}