Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Jon and I decided early after getting married that it would be a total blast to have an anniversary dinner every year with our friends at the restaurant where we had our reception. The restaurant is called Zander’s House and it happens to have this amazingly large dance floor, naturally a necessity, which our entire wedding party sat on during the reception and where we sit each time we revisit Zander’s for our anniversary.

This year was extra special because my uber talented floral designing friend Amy insisted on creating an amazing tablescape for us with candles,Β some gorgeous flowers, succulents atop moss and candlesticks and wooden elements throughout. Love! Thanks so much for that precious gift Amy!

Jon and I still plan something each year for just the two of us(we actually alternate planning!) but it’s such a treat to celebrate our marriage with close friends who are constant supporters and encouragers of our relationship. Thanks for coming guys! Hopefully this will be a tradition we can continue for the rest of our marriage.

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Our anniversary isn’t until May 31st so I’ll probably be posting a little more about our story, Jon’s awesomeness and how grateful we are that the Lord brought us together. Thanks for tuning in and have a tremendous Memorial day weekend friends!