I’m on the brink of summer and I can taste its sweet nectar more everyday as the school year comes to a close (for those who may not know, I am an elementary art teacher by day and a dork by night). Jon is already in Iowa an I will be joining him this Monday evening. Almost every summer of our marriage we’ve driven out to Iowa to visit our dear friends Tyson and Sarah who run a lovely Christian camp. Jon gets to play speaker for the week and I get to play the speaker’s wife who takes advantage of the free ice cream (typically a Dr. Pepper float) and plays mini golf.


I’ve been hankering to visit Chicago for quite some time now and randomly wondered a few months ago how far the camp was from Chicago. Low and behold we discovered it was only four hours away. Can I hear a “WHA WHA!” and now a “BOOYAH” and afterwards let’s spell out “C-H-I-C-A-…..” okay I’ll stop. If you can’t tell, we were super excited.


We don’t exactly have a place to stay at this point (we’ll likely use our go-to save money on housing site, Air BnB) so offers or suggestions are very welcome, but more than that I’d love to hear what restaurants, museums, coffee shops and local stops we need to take. Where do you go for deep dish pizza? Where should I go for a delicious dessert? Where can Jon get a unique beer? What are the daytime spots and fun nightlife hangouts (not that I’m cool enough to go to them, but it’s always good to know about!). Oh and one last question…

Do you live in chicago? Would you like to meet up for lunch? Holla at yo’girl, thanks!

{image by Anderson Design}