Hey guys! So the blog has been lower on the priority list as of late due to teaching wrapping up and a custom invite project I was working on. I flew into Iowa last night and all day today I’ve been relishing the rolling hills, growing corn crops, cows and barns in view. I can’t tell you how unbelievably relaxing it is to be here, and most importantly Jon is getting to share the Gospel all week with high school kids and we’re getting to spend time with two of our close friends Tyson and Sarah and their A-DORABLE baby girl, Olive Joy.

Sorry about the inconsistent posts, but I’m around, trust me, and I appreciate all your well wishes and suggestions from the Chicago post. You guys rock, seriously!

What are your summer plans? And if you don’t have any because of work, if you had the summer off what summer plans would you love to have?

{photo by Leo Patrone}