I became absolutely smitten with 81 Poppie’s frocks after seeing Kendi Everyday in this stunning blue sleeved masterpiece. Unaware of the price, I immediately messaged the girl behind the Austin based shop, designer Michelle Weisman. Michelle quickly and kindly replied back to me with the price of the dress along with the Kendi Everyday special discount code at the time, but sadly the dress was beyond my budget (still thinking of ways to persuade my mom that this dress is vital to my quality of life).

I recently received an e-mail that said everything in the 81 Poppies shop is 25% off! Though the price tag may still be just beyond reach for me I thought perhaps those of you who have been saving your pennies for that special find, might want to take a look see at their current sale and hopefully find something nice for yourself.

Which of these dresses would enhance your summer wardrobe?

{Photos from 81 Poppies}