Today’s question:

“What kind of party would you love to host or attend?”

Heather from Olive and AI’m always up for a party but a party centered around food, now that’s my kind of party. I have been wanting to host a s’mores party for ages now and I think this is the summer of the s’mores party. I’d set up a bar with different kinds of quality chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. Yum!   (link for image)

Danni from Oh, Hello FriendMy friend is planning to host a cake party, I think that’d be so fun! (image via Luna and Chloe Weddings)

Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary: It may not be a typical theme party, but I would love to design an entire dinner party menu around figs. My guests would feel like they had walked into the yard of a Tuscan villa. (image)


Melanie from You Are My Fave: I want to attend one of those dinners set up in the middle of a field with the really long tables and delicious fresh courses. (image via Outstanding in the Field)

Will from Bright Bizarre: A casual and quintessentially British picnic with tasty foods and good friends. (image)

Beth from Hello Splendor: How fun would a chic campfire party be?! An intimate outdoor party with s’mores, cocktails, and campfire stories between friends. (image)

Justine from Urban ScarletThe theme party I am wanting to host this summer is an ice cream social — It’s the perfect way to beat the sunny days πŸ™‚

Evie from Evie S. gave a great response to today’s question that I had to share in its entirety!

Evie: Shortly after I saw Vivien’s question, I started thinking about what fun it would be to plan an outdoor movie night for my neighborhood. So I set about finding inspiration and DIY ideas to make it happen. I hope this leaves you inspired to have your own!

{ Via Under the Sycamore }

Here are the essentials you need to host an outdoor movie night:

And here are some fun non-essentials to create a most memorable evening.

{ Via Unstitched }

Snacks and Cold Beverages β€“ The classic movie staples – popcorn, redvines, and boxed candy.

{ Via Prairie Hive }

Gummy bears and ice cold sodas would be nice too.

Ambient Lighting β€“ String twinkling lights around tree trunks and drape them on low hanging branches.

{ Via Oh hello friend }

Or for a dramatic effect, hang a chandelier.

{ Via this pin }

{ Via Wildflowers Photos }

Appropriate Seating β€“ Though not practical on a large scale, for a backyard movie night a homemade teepee like the one above would be most intimate and cozy. Otherwise, some pretty blankets will do.

{ Via Wildflowers Photos }

Thank you Vivien for having me!


Thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers who offered to participate in this series! I’ll be posting the remaining questions sprinkled throughout the rest of the summer so be sure to stay tuned!

So I must know, what party are you dying to host/attend!?!