Hey blog buddies! The summer has been going tremendously for us and so this week I’ll be sharing some of our latest adventures, and asking for recommendations for the trips we have coming up.

I wanted to share a few pics from our Iowa trip if you don’t mind! The above photo captures just a glimpse of the gorgeous scenery Jon and I had the privilege of enjoying for the week. Red barns within view? Yes, please! Each time we visit Iowa we use the greenery to our advantage by getting a few decent pictures.

 Here are our amazing friends Sarah and Tyson and their baby girl Olive Joy!

Seriously, this little lady is so adorable! So cute that….

Even we had to get a few photos with her! Okay, in all honesty I am basically the one out of my friends that doesn’t have a case of baby fever, but my sweet husband l-l-l-l-loveeeeess kids so you can imagine my surprise when he insisted we take some photos with Olive Joy. Can’t wait to show Olive these photos when she’s 20!

I love this photo because it captures us perfectly: a little awkward filled with lots of joy

Unfortunately the corn crops weren’t quite this tall on our trip so I took a photo from a previous Iowa visit to top off the post. What’s an Iowa vacay without the signature corn crop photo? (That’s Jon’s 9-year younger brother Jay on the left whom we adore!)

Tomorrow I’ll begin my posts on Chicago! Have a splendid Monday sweet friends!