Sorry about not posting about Chicago beginning yesterday the way I mentioned I would on Monday. I posted about Jon’s b-day but never got around to finishing this post. I admit, I’m a bit of a wreck this summer but I do hope you’ll be patient with me as I continue to juggle the whole summer/blogger/responsibilities thing. Organized suggestions are welcomed!

Our first day in Chicago was pretty low-key, so I decided to skip it go directly into our adventures in the city!

The downtown seemed to go on forever in Chicago. We could not believe how many skyscrapers there were! It’s easily five times larger than Dallas’ downtown and to make it even more awesome, there’s Millenium Park in the heart of the city.


Of course no Chicago trip is completely without some fun at Cloud Gate, better known as “The Bean.” We created a heart to reflect our affection for the city. Read more info about the sculpture here!

Okay, maybe we had too much fun. We were laying down underneath “The Bean” and another tourist commented on how it appeared as if we were standing and offered to take a photo for us! I’ve never had more fun with a big mirror and it was a blast watching people entertain themselves around it.

That night we fulfilled one of Jon’s dreams to attend a Cubs game at Wrigley field! We have to admit, we made the poor decision of wearing shorts when it was windy and low 50’s. You can imagine how cold we were.

I thought  it was so neat how the stadium is located in a central part of town and is surrounded by buildings that have created private seating on their rooftops! You can find more info here if you want to beat the crowd and join in on these rooftop seats.

I love this pic of us even though we are secretly chattering from the cold winds!

I’ll be posting the next two days of our trip and then a post dedicated entirely to EATING!