We ate and then we ate some more. Day four is dedicated to the art of attempting to satisfy the insatiable appetite!

Our sweet friend Laura who is a former Chicago local influenced a good portion of our day which began with brunch at Julius Meinl.

 Then a visit to Wicker Park which Laura described as artsy and fun. She wasn’t lying!

We grabbed coffee and maroons at the highly rated Wormhole. It didn’t disappoint, the coffee and macaroons rocked our world plus the decor was uber fun!

Big Star for an early dinner. Delish!

My obsession with Tolix chairs continues….


Back to downtown to enjoy the concert at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion!

 Our last stop of the day was at Bon Bon Vietnamese Sandwiches. Jon was so full he couldn’t bear the thought of another meal, but I was afraid we’d miss out on a Chicago treasure if we didn’t try at least one more meal. Thankfully the stop was completely worth it and so good we stopped by the next day for brumch right before we left town!

The owner is super friendly and I loved that he is a half Japanese, half Caucasian man running a Vietnamese sandwich shop! He said that offering Japanese food was in the works.

Gosh guys, thanks for putting up with all of these personal posts! A strong motivation for starting this blog was to catalogue our adventures so Jon and I could look back on them later down the road, but I also had two readers (including myself) when I first began posting so things have changed a bit. I appreciate your patience and a food post will be coming soon!