1 – $5.99 | 2 – $1.99 | 3 – $0.99 for 10

I’m totally digging these summery new finds at Ikea that all happen to photographed in threes. In between our out-of-town adventures, Jon and I have been searching tirelessly for a new place to rent and after finding one, we’ve been Craigslist searching and deal hunting like cra cra (I was taught this phrase from my girlfriends. It’s a fun version of crazy, except shortened to a one syllable “cra” and then repeated. Use sparingly.) Ikea is a natural visit for a new move, but these picks are totally distracting me to throw a house-warming instead of keeping my eye on the prize: outfitting our new place!

Also, the striped bags are practically yodeling my name. Which Ikea item is catching your eye while still being kind to your wallet?