This photo above pretty much summarizes what’s currently on my brain: 1) Trying to figure out how to create a personal eclectic space in our new home and 2)Los Angeles. We came back from New York on Tuesday, packed and moved to our new place and now I’m off to LA. Our summers are always crazy, but I have to confess I kinda….sort of….like it. It’s a five-day trip that I’m going to be doing on my own (Jon has work!) and I think it will be a good time with valuable lessons in independence and spontaneity. Of course I’ll be staying with my super cool brother and sis-in-law and eating at their bomb dot com restaurant, Starry Kitchen. And I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to escaping the Texas sun in exchange for the LA breeze.

What’s your fave LA hot spot?

With so many talented artists out there, I couldn’t leave this post without sharing a cool illustration of LA!

{photo from Green Is The New Black // illustration by Albie Designs}