{I’ve been waiting since May to share this lovely illustration!}

Alright sweet friends, the summer is coming to a close and we’ve got one last trip to finish it off right. The title of the post is a true description of what’s to come as we attempt to fit 11 people in my good friend’s San Fran duplex. That and Jon mentioned I couldn’t write a SF post without mentioning our generation’s favorite TGIF show (shout out to the Olsen twins).

We’re making the trip with our college friends and we already have a Google document with everything we have scheduled from a tour of Alcatraz to a Giants game to Tartine and much more (praying my feet will survive this last trip). The doc is shared with the entire group so everyone can contribute, but that means events such as “10am Luis and Jon – Hot Yoga” will also be added to the master schedule (this is a joke if you were unsure)!

More than anything I’m looking forward to escaping this record breaking heat wave! But what’s insane is that SF is literally 40 degrees lower than Dallas. I’ll definitely be packing warmly!Β For the last time this season, please share with me your favorite SF hot spots!

{San Fran illustration by Marisa Midori via Where the Lovely Things Are}