School started back up this week so I thought it was appropriate to post a lovely school related photo.

Hello sweet friends! Long time, no blog. I apologize for not calling, writing letters or sending the proper amount of hugs and kisses. I sort of don’t know what to say (typically not a problem for me). I’ve restarted this post five times and I know at this point I just need to accept that what I share may not be perfect, but it will be sincere.

So I haven’t been blogging for a variety of reasons. It’s a combination of the summer schedule (aka not a routine), traveling, and moving into a new place. In addition to those events, I was internally analyzing what my relationship was with blogging. Long story short, I realized that I had been idolizing my blog. I confess that I had prioritized blogging over my time with the Lord, over cooking decent meals for  my husband, and over so many things that deserved to be a higher priority. Please know that I am by no means suggesting that other bloggers are wrongfully prioritizing their time with their blogs, because I don’t believe that at all. This is simply a realization I’ve had about the way I’ve unwisely and selfishly used my time. I’ve prayed about this, I’ve apologized to my sweet husband and now I apologize to you.

With that said, if you’ll potentially have me back in the blogsophere, I’d love to continue blogging but this time with a healthier mind-set. Jon and I have talked about it and we both think that continuing blogging is the right decision because I love it, it’s the best creative outlet and I enjoy getting to know so many of y’all.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! I really appreciate it and I hope you understand where I am coming from. Posts on some of my other trips this summer, some recent invitation work and shots of the new home coming soon!

*Disclaimer: Jon has never suggested that I was a bad wife. I simply know that I can improve in my domestic skills.

{school photo via Be Calm’s photostream }