Imagine that you have just received a box in the mail….

When you open the box, there’s an invitation and, holy mackerel, a View-Master! You stare in disbelief and proceed to drool.
You open the invite to find that your hipster friends Kim and Jack are getting married, but the invitation doesn’t stop at the retro design and 100lb cover paper. Oh no, it’s much more involved than that.
You slide the reel inside of the View-Master and as you place your eyes upon the vintage object you suddenly warp into your childhood self reminiscing about the time you stole your older brother’s VM and dreamt of all the places it could take you with just a few clicks. When you look in you experience…

one of the most creative wedding invitations around. You think “Man, Kim and Jack are the bomb,” and you’re right – they totally are.

I certainly hope your weekend is the bomb and full of visuals even more magnificent than a View Master wedding invite!

{via My Modern Met, View-Master invites by Melangerie, this find discovered by my favorite}