Here’s one of the souvenirs I picked up while in San Francisco this past August. Our friends were kind enough to make a stop at The Curiosity Shoppe for me to visually feast my eyes on. This set of coasters made the perfect San Fran moment because of its cross stich design, it’s letterpressed, it was only $8 and most importantly it poses uncomfortable questions or remarks that we never quite know how to respond to. They make perfect conversation starters to say the least.

“Any babies yet?” is a frequent question in our current season of life (Hi, Denise!). I honestly don’t mind it, but I thought it made a fitting addition to our new home (plus, we were in need of some additional coasters, no lie).

Happy Friday friends! Here’s hoping you receive lots of awkward questions this weekend and respond to them with effortless poise (because the Lord knows I lack this quality).

(Unfortunately I can’t remember the source for the letterpress coasters. If you know it, please let me know and I’ll update the post! Thanks!)