This year has had its share of ups and downs as far as creativity goes for me, so I wanted to ensure that our Christmas cards were really something special and a good reflection of our marriage (think really fun and cool and then subtract the cool part) and what the Lord’s done in our life this year. Admittedly, we have two versions of this card because this lovely trifold print doesn’t come too cheaply but please know that we wish we could have mailed it out to everyone (the other version is just our photo and update)!

My two inspirations came from the ever-brilliant Amanda Jane’sA Year in Review” and Lande and Maze’s chevron save -the-dates. I decided on a bright color palette after receiving comments from friends who enjoyed our colorful Christmas cards from last year. Jon’s favorite part of the card is the map and my favorite part is the “Jon + Viv Heart Food” and the key below the cities we traveled to that show where we drove, flew and danced (walking until you can’t feel your feet is considered dancing right). And I naturally had my theologian husband choose a wonderful quote as the intro to our card:

Praise be to God, and all glory and honor to Him who sent his Son to be our light and our ultimate joy! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!