2011 has been a tremendous year. I wasn’t always willing to admit that during the year itself (ask Jon, he’ll tell you), while other times I was overwhelmed with gratitude and contentment. It was too much to post all the photos and write about it so here are some of the highlights:

  • a spontaneous overnight stay in Denver with four incredible friends
  • getting a free ticket to Alt Summit a week before the conference (Jon won the husband of the year award for pushing me to go despite my reluctance and intimidation whilst sacrificing work time and enduring the 40 hour round trip drive)
  • watching our niece Gianna turn one and watching so many friends welcome their beautiful babies into the world including my sweet cousin’s second baby, Cody
  • We moved into a charming duplex just 10 minutes from down town and we love it. Hoosier adores it as well!
  • craft nights with Rach & Mols
  • discovering the awesomeness that is my favorite store in Dallas – We Are 1976 (if you are a Dallasite, you MUST go!)
  • having four days off of work with Jon during Dallas’ “Snowpocalypse,” and cooking fun meals and baking cookies
  • two Austin trips and one San Fran trip with college friends
  • traveling to Salt Lake, Denver, Iowa, Chicago, Kansas City, New York, LA, and San Francisco
  • a four-hour picnic in Central Park (this still warms my heart)
  • Jon and I did a 10 day detox diet (shocking considering I am a girl who likes her meat, and third helpings)
  • saying goodbye to some dear, dear friends (and quite possibly some of the best people we’ll ever know) as they moved to Ohio (Molly come back!)
  • we attended a Mad Men welcome party, a casino night birthday party, two of Kyle Steed’s many fantastic art shows, and Molly, Jon, Jordan and I hosted a little 30th shindig for our favorite Rachel
  • Jon will always be a highlight of my year. Not only did he plan some unbelievably stellar dates and thoughtful evenings for us, he also chose to uphold his commitment to love me unconditionally everyday as Christ loves the church, whether I deserved it or not. On a side note, he also started wearing bow ties this year. Score!

Obviously there were lows. Obviously there were struggles, insecurities, arguments and tears. But without hardships, how can we enjoy times of abundance in their entirety? I definitely went through what felt like a long season of discontentment and I can say with joy how grateful I am that the Lord has pulled me out of that and how utterly thankful I am for this year. It is, after all, a year that brings me one step closer to accepting adulthood (did I mention a cable guy came to the door and asked if my parents were home?).

So enough about me, what were some of your highlights in 2011? Struggles? What are you looking forward to in 2012?