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Sometimes I have this feeling that I need to get out and explore. Sometimes I ache for a change of scenery, an unforeseen adventure, the opportunity to discover something new, fresh, different. Sometimes while I’m driving home from work, I fantasize about the delicious soufflé soup from Rise, or a warm and flaky  morning bun from Tartine, or the butter toffee peanuts I impulsively purchased at Sunflower market the weekend before and have yet to stop eating even though I thought they were sub par at best when I first tried them (we keep it real on this blog). Sometimes if I’m in a setting where music is playing and it’s a beautiful day (imagine outside, 75 degrees, no wind, 15% chance of rain) I imagine I’m in the scene of a indie motion picture, and I take a deep breath and absorb my surroundings and feel really warm and joyful within.

Often times, I get giddy over the idea of a dance party of some sort like a 14-year old that’s never been to a real dance. Often times I have a good memory for those little things that don’t matter in life like how an English major and poet friend of ours mentioned in passing that he thought word “very” was overused and therefore disliked it, or how your camp co-counselor’s friend’s neighbor was named Mackenzie and she had a custom-tailored wedding dress with an emerald green sash that matched her four inch open-toe heels. Often times I am weird, but truthfully I probably only show 3 people the true color of that side (I’d like to keep the friends I have, thank you). Often times I pray for friends, for people, for organizations, for the church, for the blessings in my life or I just pray to spend time with God and to praise Him for His awesome character, for His faithfulness, and especially for His Son.

And every so often I blog here at The Eclectic Life. I apologize for this lengthy introduction, brevity has never been a strength of mine (clearly). But I’ve written this about page a few times now and never felt like it portrayed me well. I think (hope) this does a good job of shedding a little light as to who I am. I love beautiful things, I enjoy nice people to the utmost, and I think creativity is a gift that we all possess in some manner. This blog is my creative outlet, and a personal outlet. Thanks for joining in on my blogging dance party (please, feel free to get down with yo’ bad self. I know I will)!