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I’m a sucker for great type, especially when unconventional materials are used to create it. Anna Garforth is the artist responsible for these typographic installations and I love how she can magically transforms moss, masking tape and leaves into a stunning work of art. Imagine if Anna Garforth and Dana Tanamachi got together to paint a beautiful message. It would surely be destined for greatness!

{via Design Mom}



Dana Tanamachi is the graphic designer, artist, and chalk extraordinaire behind these images. She clearly has an incredibly skillful hand and a deep understanding of type to be able to draw these images with such exquisite composition and balance.

I have literally been looking at her website and these chalk drawings every night for the past three weeks for a few reasons: One, I’m in love with her work (Did you see the way she wrote out “Nagging Doubt?” Swoon!), two, I want an intimate relationship with typography like Ms. Tanamachi and three, Jon and I have a chalkboard wall that’s been left blank until a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, I didn’t accomplish a masterpiece similar to her work, but at least I have a goal to work towards (for eternity).

Cheers to you Dana Tanamachi! You have reinvented the way I look at chalk and you’ve given eye candy to typography lovers world-wide. Check out Dana’s portfolio here and watch some videos of her hard at work here!

This photo above pretty much summarizes what’s currently on my brain: 1) Trying to figure out how to create a personal eclectic space in our new home and 2)Los Angeles. We came back from New York on Tuesday, packed and moved to our new place and now I’m off to LA. Our summers are always crazy, but I have to confess I kinda….sort of….like it. It’s a five-day trip that I’m going to be doing on my own (Jon has work!) and I think it will be a good time with valuable lessons in independence and spontaneity. Of course I’ll be staying with my super cool brother and sis-in-law and eating at their bomb dot com restaurant, Starry Kitchen. And I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to escaping the Texas sun in exchange for the LA breeze.

What’s your fave LA hot spot?

With so many talented artists out there, I couldn’t leave this post without sharing a cool illustration of LA!

{photo from Green Is The New Black // illustration by Albie Designs}

For Etsy Gold this week, I thought I’d do a round up of artwork that I thought were beautiful, inspirational, and intriguing.  Currently I’m loving

Feathers by Groundwork,

JKL Design’s Abstractions Aside,

Season by Yellena (this print is a part of the set of ABC’s Modern Family!!!),

In The Pines by Catherine Campbell

Wholly Bear by Julia Pott (love winter accessories on an intimidating bear),

and Sarah Giannobile’s Field of Color.

Which pieces are your favorite? Which can you actually envision in your house? Who are some of your favorite artists? Please leave me a link and I’d love to check out their work.

Happy Friday friends!

I can hardly believe the year is coming to a close. I’m  currently putting together a “year in a review” post so you’ll have to sit your pretty eyes on this magnificent painterly calendar by Michelle Armas ($30) until I finish. Do you have a calendar up and ready for 2011? Where should I go to get my upcoming year’s calendar from? { via Armas Design }

Amy was kind enough to tell me about Lauren Essl’s amazing letterpress class in Ft. Worth last month and I had the opportunity to meet Lauren and take her class a couple of weeks ago. Lauren is the owner of the Etsy shop and blog Blue Eye Brown Eye and she not only does letterpress, she also does calligraphy, she sews and she sells the most adorable embroidery cards!

Above are some photos from her lovely studio and below are some photos from my letterpress experience. I would highly recommend her letterpress to anyone whether you’re interested in learning the process or you just want to make something pretty. After taking Lauren’s class, I completely understand why letterpress is so expensive and I appreciate those who are committed to the art because it is a lot of hard work! Be sure to check out Blue Eye Brown Eye’s blog and shop and let me know if you pick something up from her store or if you sign up for her awesome letterpress class!

Introducing the beautiful tabletop letterpress used to make some snazzy business cards for my session. It’s a very hands on class, which I love, but be ready to work hard! Don’t you love that chalkboard wall?

Here are the square business cards I made using a polymer plate designed by Lauren for the border and the Stymie font in all lowercase letters for “the eclectic” Thoughts? Feedback?

And here we are after a night of letterpress, lots of small business talk, sharing blogs and design interests and fun! Thanks Lauren for a great evening. Please don’t ask about my hair. I don’t like showering and it’s pretty evident after viewing this photograph!

I’m currently loving musical artist Amanda DuFord’s brilliant cd cover by  Tommy Panigot. The tear drop on the front cover is actually two feet in length! I love everything about the front and back cover. This inspires me to use paper to create fascinating cityscapes like Panigot. {via i art u}

I’ll just let you sit there and absorb the sheer mass of this clothes pin the way I did when I first laid eyes on it.

I love how striking some artwork can be. Few people say it better than Liz Lemon ,

“I want to go to there.”

{via this flickr originally from here}

This is literally the world’s coolest calendar. Artist Oscar Diaz created this calendar that consists of a trail of paper numbers that absorbs ink from a bottle to indicate the day of the month.  Don’t fully get it? Me neither! This is sheer brilliance paired with artistic genius. Please, please read more here and here.

{via FFFFOUND! and Gizmodo}

Isn’t this photo striking? Everything from the lighting, the half cut pears and the sea-foam green pot catches my eye. It also makes me miss cooking since we’ve been at camp all month.

I hope you enjoy this lovely photo as much as I do.

{via fint tumblr}

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