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Ya know when you walk into a house and you think “wow, this space has such a ‘homey’ feel to it,” meaning the home looks cozy and lived in well? This awesome Copenhagen home featured on Ikea’s home site called Live definitely evoked a “homey” sense to me. What caught my eye immediately was the fantastic settee, and the wall of frames with the pops of blue and citrus in the living room. When I saw the rest of the home (small space, big impact!) I simply had to share. Don’t you love how vibrant the mixed wallpaper prints are? And considering we have an exposed pantry in our current place, I’m inspired by the simple idea of using clear glass jars to make an ordinary pantry look slightly more refined.

What  home idea would you steal from this Denmark home?


Here’s one of the souvenirs I picked up while in San Francisco this past August. Our friends were kind enough to make a stop at The Curiosity Shoppe for me to visually feast my eyes on. This set of coasters made the perfect San Fran moment because of its cross stich design, it’s letterpressed, it was only $8 and most importantly it poses uncomfortable questions or remarks that we never quite know how to respond to. They make perfect conversation starters to say the least.

“Any babies yet?” is a frequent question in our current season of life (Hi, Denise!). I honestly don’t mind it, but I thought it made a fitting addition to our new home (plus, we were in need of some additional coasters, no lie).

Happy Friday friends! Here’s hoping you receive lots of awkward questions this weekend and respond to them with effortless poise (because the Lord knows I lack this quality).

(Unfortunately I can’t remember the source for the letterpress coasters. If you know it, please let me know and I’ll update the post! Thanks!)

Love the way these sun soaked bathrooms are styled by Mille Notti. Let’s just assume here that the neighbors are far from site so there isn’t more than a PG-13 show being displayed in the window during bath time. Let’s make that PG. Movie ratings aren’t always the most reliable these days, then again, I’ve been watching R-rated movies since I was 6. You can blame my brother who’s 7 years older than me for that one.

{photo: Mille Notti}

1 – $5.99 | 2 – $1.99 | 3 – $0.99 for 10

I’m totally digging these summery new finds at Ikea that all happen to photographed in threes. In between our out-of-town adventures, Jon and I have been searching tirelessly for a new place to rent and after finding one, we’ve been Craigslist searching and deal hunting like cra cra (I was taught this phrase from my girlfriends. It’s a fun version of crazy, except shortened to a one syllable “cra” and then repeated. Use sparingly.) Ikea is a natural visit for a new move, but these picks are totally distracting me to throw a house-warming instead of keeping my eye on the prize: outfitting our new place!

Also, the striped bags are practically yodeling my name. Which Ikea item is catching your eye while still being kind to your wallet?

The Curiosity Shoppe is one of those stores that’s been on my list of places to visit for a few years now. The items sold at The Curiosity Shoppe are quirky, fun, playful and I don’t doubt that the shop located in San Francisco has any less of a personality than its products. How clever are those Know It All Pencils, the old school phone plug-in head set, and the pair of glasses that’s actually a memory stick called “Four Eyes” USB Drive? You could spend quite a bit of time at their lovely shop so be forewarned, it might be a bit of a time sink (but it’s clearly worth it to discover all of its awesomeness).

Luckily, Jon and some friends I are planning a trip out to San Francisco this August so hopefully I’ll have the esteemed privilege of meeting the inspirational couple behind this quirky shop and seeing the eclectic products first hand!

Which item is catching your eye?

{top two images: Design Within Reach  |  bottom two: NR Design}

I think I’m unhealthily obsessed with these industrial chairs. I’ve been seeing them in restaurants and on the web, but could not find the name for them until I was looking through Dwell’s website. They’re called Tolix chairs and I’m intoxicated with their appearance, shape, and material. I organized the above images to give you an idea of what colors they’re available in (and two places to potentially purchase them) but the plain steel exterior is my favorite by far. The Tolix chair originated from France is well-known decor for cafes, bistros and my favorite idea: the home. I just love how they can add a bit of industrial chic to a warm wooden dining table without looking too cold or sterile.

I’m all sorts of obsessed with this open concept room with floor to ceiling windows! via Luphia Loves

via Apartment Therapy

Country Living (thanks Amanda for the original source!)

via Cumbersome

Cocotte via Simple Song

via Design Manifest

via Remodelista

via Anna Magnier’s Pinterest via Greige

via Laundry for Six

They even come as stools and they’re stackable as well! Who says good design can’t be functional?  Plow Restaurant via Dwell

via Delights by Design

by Amy Neunsinger Interiors via Decor Pad

via From The Right Bank

via Antiquaire

via The Marion House Book

Can I be invited for dinner on this rooftop please? Also via Decor Pad

For those who may not know, my “Yes, Please” column is my kind way of adding things to my wish list. Hope you love these chairs as much as I do!

O.M.G. T.G.I.F. Seriously! I’m worn out from the week, what about you? Ready for the weekend? Yeah, me too. Here are a few shots of our little home and the first bouquet of peonies Jon has ever given me! To tell you just how ridiculous I am, I e-mailed Jon last year when peony season came around with photographs attached, naturally, and mentioned it a few more times, but he never quite got around to getting them for me. Well a few weeks ago I made the decision to finally get baptized (I’ve been a Christian since I was 15, but didn’t decide to make the public profession of faith until recently) so Jon kindly surprised me with this bouquet of peonies and hydrangeas. Beautiful, right? What was even cooler was having my husband baptize me. It was a memorable time for us and it was such a special time to glorify the Lord and what He’s done in my life and hopefully encourage others with my testimony.

Have a great weekend friends. I hope you are encouraged this weekend and I hope you consider encouraging and loving other well this weekend too. If you’re feeling down, ask someone to buy you some peonies. Can’t go wrong with fresh spring flowers!

As much as I love a table that is beautifully set, I’ve struggled finding place mats and napkins that I genuinely love (or pieces that I’ll appreciate for longer than 6 months). Well, I need look no further because Pehr Designs is releasing this bomb dot com (it means it’s awesome!) set of table linens this upcoming May! In both fashion and home decor, I really appreciate pieces that are both durable and versatile so with these easy mix and match sets of linens I feel like I’ll hardly have a dull dinner party from here on. And don’t you love the patterns and colors? Swoon! The line won’t be released until May, but you can preorder here and they will begin shipping on May 30th.

So, what do you think? Love them? Think they’re too modern for you? If you enjoy having your table set, what are some suggestions you would give for a well presented tablescape? I always love hearing your decor ideas!

{photos from Pehr Design and Gone Shopping via A Stylist’s Life}

I just discovered the work of The Brooklyn Home Company who is responsible for this incredible New York townhouse’s renovations. Likely, you’ve seen the sliding barn door or the top photo with the ladder leading to, believe it or not, a guest loft on Pinterest of The Selby but now we both know to thank TBHC for the awesomeness of this interior. It’s places like this that I merely want to visit, even for just five minutes. I mean, I’d gladly accept a dinner invitation as well, but I think it’s more reasonable to simply ask for a visit.

Notable details: exposed beams, obviously the dreamy loft, high ceilings, cute dog sitting on the counter in the kitchen photo, the white art installation above the fireplace, mix of white and wooden elements. The song “I Just Can’t Get Enough” comes to mind when looking at these photos.

What are your favorite details about this home?  Would you live here? What if you were going to the restroom and someone accidentally slid the barn door…..hmm….maybe I won’t pose that question.

{all photos from The Brooklyn Home Company}

Can you believe how gorgeous this nursery is? Whether you’re a mother or not, you absolutely need to visit Joni’s new blog, Lay Baby Lay, where she aims to understand the new role of motherhood she’s been blessed with while also sharing how to surround your little ones with beautiful and inspirational pieces. I was immediately smitten with her nursery when I saw it on Somewhere Splendid and couldn’t help notice that Joni’s new baby girl and I have the same name! It’s not every day you meet a Vivien ( unless it’s The Fresh Prince of Belair – Aunt Viv anyone?). And of course, her daughter is simply precious!

Be sure to visit Lay Baby Lay and give Joni and Vivi a shout out. I have no idea how she juggles new-found motherhood, her design work and a blog, but she does it with grace and such a good design eye.  Definitely head over to Chocolate Butterbean if you’d like to see more of her work.

{all photos by Lay Baby Lay – thanks so much Joni!}

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