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I’m totally digging these summery new finds at Ikea that all happen to photographed in threes. In between our out-of-town adventures, Jon and I have been searching tirelessly for a new place to rent and after finding one, we’ve been Craigslist searching and deal hunting like cra cra (I was taught this phrase from my girlfriends. It’s a fun version of crazy, except shortened to a one syllable “cra” and then repeated. Use sparingly.) Ikea is a natural visit for a new move, but these picks are totally distracting me to throw a house-warming instead of keeping my eye on the prize: outfitting our new place!

Also, the striped bags are practically yodeling my name. Which Ikea item is catching your eye while still being kind to your wallet?


Obsessed with these cloth tied garlands made by Styled Creative. Hoping to make one of these for an end of summer shindig a friend and I are planning. If you were going to make one, where would you go to search for fabrics? Any discount places online that you like?

If you made a garland like this, what colors would you incorporate? If you’ve made this before, I’d love to hear some tips!

Today’s question:

“What kind of party would you love to host or attend?”

Heather from Olive and AI’m always up for a party but a party centered around food, now that’s my kind of party. I have been wanting to host a s’mores party for ages now and I think this is the summer of the s’mores party. I’d set up a bar with different kinds of quality chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. Yum!   (link for image)

Danni from Oh, Hello FriendMy friend is planning to host a cake party, I think that’d be so fun! (image via Luna and Chloe Weddings)

Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary: It may not be a typical theme party, but I would love to design an entire dinner party menu around figs. My guests would feel like they had walked into the yard of a Tuscan villa. (image)


Melanie from You Are My Fave: I want to attend one of those dinners set up in the middle of a field with the really long tables and delicious fresh courses. (image via Outstanding in the Field)

Will from Bright Bizarre: A casual and quintessentially British picnic with tasty foods and good friends. (image)

Beth from Hello Splendor: How fun would a chic campfire party be?! An intimate outdoor party with s’mores, cocktails, and campfire stories between friends. (image)

Justine from Urban ScarletThe theme party I am wanting to host this summer is an ice cream social — It’s the perfect way to beat the sunny days 🙂

Evie from Evie S. gave a great response to today’s question that I had to share in its entirety!

Evie: Shortly after I saw Vivien’s question, I started thinking about what fun it would be to plan an outdoor movie night for my neighborhood. So I set about finding inspiration and DIY ideas to make it happen. I hope this leaves you inspired to have your own!

{ Via Under the Sycamore }

Here are the essentials you need to host an outdoor movie night:

And here are some fun non-essentials to create a most memorable evening.

{ Via Unstitched }

Snacks and Cold Beverages – The classic movie staples – popcorn, redvines, and boxed candy.

{ Via Prairie Hive }

Gummy bears and ice cold sodas would be nice too.

Ambient Lighting – String twinkling lights around tree trunks and drape them on low hanging branches.

{ Via Oh hello friend }

Or for a dramatic effect, hang a chandelier.

{ Via this pin }

{ Via Wildflowers Photos }

Appropriate Seating – Though not practical on a large scale, for a backyard movie night a homemade teepee like the one above would be most intimate and cozy. Otherwise, some pretty blankets will do.

{ Via Wildflowers Photos }

Thank you Vivien for having me!


Thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers who offered to participate in this series! I’ll be posting the remaining questions sprinkled throughout the rest of the summer so be sure to stay tuned!

So I must know, what party are you dying to host/attend!?!

When I saw A Fabulous Fete’s cake stands featured on Hooray I virtually ran over to my blog to begin a post. I love that Lauren’s cake stands are wooden, generally more affordable than the glass cake stands I’ve found online and the pedestal of each stand has those gorgeous curves that my eye is often drawn towards.

I’ll take that gold cake pedestal in a heartbeat. Which pedestal is calling your name?

*Shoutout: to Rachel for gifting me the world’s most gorgeous cake stand (totally throwing a party with it this summer) and to my mother-in-law Denise for thinking of me when she saw a pink milk glass cake stand while antiquing. Gotta love that this blog lends itself to allow my loved to know my taste so well! Thanks guys!

As bloggers we’re constantly viewing hundreds (some of us thousands) of inspirational images each week. I won’t lie, viewing some of these images has really created an appetite to host a fun party, cook up a delicious new entrée and attend a well decorated dinner party or wedding. Discovering these images from Jillian Clark’s portfolio certainly hasn’t helped satisfy my cravings either, but each event is more than Pinterest worthy (oh blogger lingo!) so I simply had to share. The first three images at the top are from Iceland. I mean, really…Iceland! Can you imagine attending a wedding in such a naturally gorgeous setting?

Jillian does a great job creating details that seem to compliment the occasion without over styling the event and allowing the awesome backdrops, whether it be a Tuscan outdoor setting or a sun drenched room, to take priority. Dear Jillian, I’m a fan. May I come to one of your event pretty please?

Happy Friday friends! Just a final reminder that the  ila Handbags giveaway ends tonight at 10pm CST! Thanks so much for those of you who have participated and taken the time to visit the ila Handbags site and Facebook page. We’re all so appreciative of your support! Looking forward to announcing the winner on Monday so definitely check back bright and early. 

Hey friends! I am humbled and thrilled to have been chosen as one the top six finalists for The Party DIY Challenge hosted by Urban Scarlet and Bliss! Today they’re posting all six tutorials on their site and asking readers to vote on their favorite. If you have a minute, would you consider heading over to Bliss! and voting for The Eclectic Life’s checkered backdrop? All you need to do is leave a comment.

If you feel inclined to vote for a different DIY tutorial, I understand! There is some seriously awesome competition, so no worries if you fall in love with something else. We’ll still be friends! I’ve posted the tutorial below as well in the event you want to make an affordable fun backdrop for a future party! Thanks for all the support friends!  Happy Monday.

Hey friends! I hope your day is going swell. If you’ve ever had or wanted a photo booth at your party, but wasn’t sure what an affordable, easy and colorful backdrop to choose, then I’ve got an idea that might be right down your alley. Today I’m going to show you how to create a checkered backdrop with just a few items:

Checkered Backdrop Supply List:

  • At least two colors of streamers. In this example I am using four: coral, sea foam green, off white and a light peach.
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Pom pom flower not necessary, but I wanted to add a little pouf to the photo

1. First measure how large you want your photo booth to be. If you want to fit larger groups, I suggest making your photo booth as wide as reasonably possible and at least 6.5 feet in height. My example here is 4′ x 6.5′ and comfortable photographs up to three people.

2. Once you’ve measured the height, you’ll need to take your streamers and cut several strips the height of your backdrop.

3. Next you’ll need to take your masking tape and cut a strip the width of your backdrop. Put it on a table with the adhesive side facing up and begin sticking your streamers one by one along the masking tape.

4. Next you’ll take your masking tape full of lovely streamers and tape it to the wall to begin creating your checkered backdrop.

5. Once your tape of streamers is secure on the wall, you can follow these directions and my photographs above to create a checkered background.

  • Like you’re familiar with how to weave paper (grade school art anyone?), but even if you’re not it’s a simple process. The first step in weaving the streamers is to put a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the streamer you are about to weave with. Stick the streamer either on the wall or the first vertical streamer (depending on where you are in the process) and begin to take your streamer and weave under the vertical streamers going over one and the under the next. Over and under, over and under until you’ve reached the end of the vertical streamers. You’ll need another piece of double-sided tape to place under your streamer to secure it and if you begin your weaving on top of a streamer, you’ll likely need to apply one more double-sided tape strip to the back of that streamer (in this case, I put it under the sea foam green streamer).
  • A good way to check to see if you’ve woven your streamer correctly is to pull it towards you slightly and see if the streamers you’ve woven underneath are the same in appearance.
  • Lastly, trim the end of your streamer to create a cleaner look to your backdrop (optional).
  • Repeat the process until backdrop is complete (make sure every other streamer is begins the same way either over the first vertical streamer or underneath)

Here’s a progression of the backdrop. No, I didn’t make my friends do all the work, but yes I was so thankful they were there. It took just over an hour to complete with the help of these lovely ladies.

Once you’re done creating the backdrop, grab some friends and have some photo booth fun!

1. Bon Bon Cake Stand 2. White Footed Cake Stand 3. Pedestal 58
4. Jadeite Cake Stand  5. Blue Glass Cake Stand 6. Pink Antique Cake Stand
 7. Peach Lace  8. White Enamel Scallop Edged Cake Stand 9. Tiny Scallop Cake Stand

I planned a good friend’s 30th birthday party  (with a lot of amazing help, shout out to Molly!) last week so being involved with that event in combination with the DIY checkered backdrop I created (also with great friends Rach & Kristen) is putting my mind into serious party idea overload. Cake pedestals seem to add so much to an ordinary dessert or appetizer table and I’m in love with all the different options that are current available! I’m particularly drawn to cake stands with details like the scallop edges, pastel colors, and it absolutely needs to have a beautiful foot like cake stand numbers 2 and 4.

Which one is your favorite? Which one would you actually use to display at your house or a party? I’m trying to save my pennies for a Jeanette Zese ceramic cake pedestal. I’ll invite you to my party once I acquire it!

{When the wife’s away, the husband will play. Jon took this when he thought I wasn’t looking. Ridiculous.}

The talented ladies behind Urban Scarlet and Bliss! hosted a DIY party competition on their blogs recently with incredible prizes that would easily entice any party lover. As soon as I read the competition rules, my mind began brewing with DIY party ideas. The hardest part for sure was thinking of an original concept. I decided to take the photo booth route because I think they’re the best party idea that doesn’t cost anything (the digital photos at least) but it adds a lot of life to your shindig. I created a checkered wall photo backdrop  (with the help of a few friends of course) and afterwards we naturally had to have a little camera fun! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I’ll make it to the next round where the top three finalists will be announced tomorrow, but even I don’t make it, I’ll be more than excited to learn some new DIY tutorials for future parties.

Yay for competitions that requires you to use and apply your creativity. I need that! What about you? What creative endeavors have you been up to lately? Maybe a better question is what creative endeavors have you put off  and promised you’d try, but haven’t made time to get around to? Last question, what your all time favorite back drop? Ashley Meaders creates THE most awesome photo backdrops around.

I’m already a huge fan of Simply Bloom Photography’s incredible vintage style, but this shower truly takes the cake. Christine and Vania are the creatives behind the camera at Simply Bloom and Christine is pregnant with her first baby so Vania naturally organized the loveliest shower for her and her baby-to-be.

Every detail from the twine embroidered names on the invitation, to the dessert table to even the hostesses’ wardrobe was all beautifully coordinated and gorgeously executed. It’s seriously one of my dreams to throw a big bash that has a specific color theme and ask guests to wear colors to match the event. I mean, photographs just look better and I can only imagine sitting at the party and enjoying the aesthetic of everything coming together (can you tell I’ve been dreaming of this?). I love everything about this shower and maybe one day when I’m prego (to my personal friends, no this is not where I share any special “news”) I’ll have a shower half this cute!

{all photos by Simply Bloom}

Today’s Etsy Gold is featuring the lovely shop, Readygo. I first discovered Readygo from a post on Hip Hip Hooray and immediately adored the aesthetic of all their party products, specifically their cake toppers. Simple, clean, and a touch whimsy helps these cake toppers turn any ordinary pastry or cupcake into a delightful little party. Order a custom cake topper or purchase printable flags to personalize your message on the toppers anyway you like!

I would love to order a few of these just to add a little more thoughtfulness into a dinner party with friends.. Perhaps I’d use them to surprise Jon with a funny message in the morning! What would you use them for? Which one is your favorite?



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