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Instagram is my little social networking buddy and it’s been my creative outlet since my absence from this blog and since taking a design hiatus from invitation work. I really think it’s an amazing app and besides getting to follow great amateur and professional photographers alike via their camera phones, I get to catalogue little visual tidbits of my days, marriage, foodie searches, Dallas adventures and that dapper canine we call Hoosier. It’s really fun to look back through my photos and recall what we’ve been up to. Unfortunately, Instagram is only available on the iPhone, but you can follow my feed here or discover some photo feeds you’ll really love (also check out Webstagram and Followgram if you don’t have an iPhone)!

Without further ado, here are my three favorite food-related photos. I couldn’t blog for the second time this year and not include food!

Made my first two layered cake! Super simple coconut cake I found on All Recipes, but I replaced the Cool Whip icing (gross, I strongly dislike Cool Whip)  for a homemade whipped frosting topped with toasted coconut.  I also followed some revisions reviewers suggested: used yellow cake mix, nix the condensed milk, and don’t allow cream of coconut to touch the bottom of the cake. It was a hit and I’d highly suggest making it.

Hynpotic Donuts! Dallas finally has a fun donut shop that’s completely worth the trip. We were eager to try this place out after discovering the Donut Vault and Donut Plant this summer. That bacon one is called Canadian Health Care and I’m currently salivating just thinking about it. Excuse me.

Lastly, I leave you with the photo of the dinner Jon cooked for me on Valentine’s – pasta carbonara. Yes, it looks as good as it tastes and yes, I do feel overwhelmingly fortunate to have him as a husband. No, I don’t know really know how he loves me. Yes, I am slightly offended you asked that question, but I’m over it so let’s be friends again. Pasta carbonara is a rich entrée that melds the flavors of broccoli, bacon, egg noodles, and an egg over easy on top that you break as soon as you begin eating because the yoke serves as the creamy sauce for the noodles. It was delightful to say the least.

All photos here were taken in Instagram via the iPhone 4s camera. Amazing what mobile technology is capable of these days, huh? Well, if you’re on Instagram, definitely let me know what your screen name so I can check out your IG photo feed!


I am obsessed with this newlywed Christmas photo shoot by Haley Sheffield. I’m talking “Look-at-everyday-make-my-husband-admire-it-yes-I’m-still-drooling” obsessed. It doesn’t hurt that the couple is oozing adorability, and they’ve got a great sense of style. I’ll definitely be using these photos as an inspiration for our Christmas card photo next year (raise your hand if you want to be wrapped in Christmas lights).

You don’t want to miss out on the rest of this awesome shoot. Go here to see the rest. (via Pinterest)

 These pictures combine an array of some of my favorites in an assortment of categories. First, in these photos is one of my all-time favorite invitation clients, Ashley Ginzburg (utterly gorgeous, isn’t she). Secondly, Ash is “workin’ it ” in a frock by one of my favorite dress designers, Sarah Seven. Thirdly these photos are taken by one of my very favorite Dallas photographers, Lauren Larsen. And lastly, this book page backdrop was created by one of the most creative people I know, Heather Destena. It’s a little too much creativity and favoritism to handle in one post, isn’t it?

I’m honored to say Ashley discovered Sarah Seven’s work through a post I shared back in February. When she told me she had purchased a SS, I was practically giddy, but when she mentioned that Lauren Larsen wanted to take photos of her wearing it, I was downright excited. Lauren has a genius idea in the works to take photographs of her clients in both their wedding gown and rehearsal dinner dress. Great idea, right?

The book page wall, a stunning model, a talented photographer and a creative-oozing stylist make for one amazing shoot. Check out the rest of the photos here and more of Lauren Larsen’s work here.

Imagine that you have just received a box in the mail….

When you open the box, there’s an invitation and, holy mackerel, a View-Master! You stare in disbelief and proceed to drool.
You open the invite to find that your hipster friends Kim and Jack are getting married, but the invitation doesn’t stop at the retro design and 100lb cover paper. Oh no, it’s much more involved than that.
You slide the reel inside of the View-Master and as you place your eyes upon the vintage object you suddenly warp into your childhood self reminiscing about the time you stole your older brother’s VM and dreamt of all the places it could take you with just a few clicks. When you look in you experience…

one of the most creative wedding invitations around. You think “Man, Kim and Jack are the bomb,” and you’re right – they totally are.

I certainly hope your weekend is the bomb and full of visuals even more magnificent than a View Master wedding invite!

{via My Modern Met, View-Master invites by Melangerie, this find discovered by my favorite}

I’m going to make this short and sweet and let the photos speak for themselves! While in Los Angeles, I had the incredible opportunity to attend Oh, Hello Friend’s and Cakies‘ first We Like It Pretty collaborative workshop with Jenn from I Art U. It was a photography workshop perfectly entitled, Snap It Pretty, and boy did we! The day was perfect (an outdoor event in TX is totally not a reality in July) and the decor and details were honestly as amazing as they appear. Danni and Ruby really outdid themselves this time, and it was so neat to meet them in person as well as some new friends and fellow bloggers.

I would highly, highly recommend signing up for a future We Like It Pretty workshop so whether you’re local or eager to enjoy the LA weather, I suggest you make it out to the next one!

On a final note, I could hardly resist myself when I saw Ruby’s girls were present! Having seen their photos online, I couldn’t help but want to snuggle them once I met them (I promise, I’m not a creepers. Just love kids!). Ruby’s sister, RJ, was equally snuggable, but since she’s 19 I simply gave her a hug. Thanks for letting me play with your darling girls Ruby!

If you’re on Pinterest you’ve likely seen several amazing hair tutorials from Christina of Hair Romance. I finally had the time to visit Hair Romance’s site to see what all the commotion was about and talk about a treasure trove of hair tutorials!  Christina is currently doing a series called Hairstyles in 30 days where she photographs thirty different hair styles with a visual tutorial of how to accomplish each look. I didn’t grow up knowing how to french braid plus my hair is really fine and slick, so I have major hair deficiency skills, but with the assistance of Hair Romance, there’s help for those who are clueless in this department like me! As if her site wasn’t already amazing, she’s also releasing an e-book on June 1st with photos and full tutorials and tricks on how to get these looks. Be sure to check out her site today and then again on the first to get the e-book!

I love how these looks can easily be worn on a casual summer day or a romantic evening out. The simple side braid and pony tail is probably my favorite, but I’ve always dreamt of having the right hair to pull off the bottom left photograph with the gobs of volume and oomph! Which hairstyle are you loving?

As bloggers we’re constantly viewing hundreds (some of us thousands) of inspirational images each week. I won’t lie, viewing some of these images has really created an appetite to host a fun party, cook up a delicious new entrée and attend a well decorated dinner party or wedding. Discovering these images from Jillian Clark’s portfolio certainly hasn’t helped satisfy my cravings either, but each event is more than Pinterest worthy (oh blogger lingo!) so I simply had to share. The first three images at the top are from Iceland. I mean, really…Iceland! Can you imagine attending a wedding in such a naturally gorgeous setting?

Jillian does a great job creating details that seem to compliment the occasion without over styling the event and allowing the awesome backdrops, whether it be a Tuscan outdoor setting or a sun drenched room, to take priority. Dear Jillian, I’m a fan. May I come to one of your event pretty please?

Happy Friday friends! Just a final reminder that the  ila Handbags giveaway ends tonight at 10pm CST! Thanks so much for those of you who have participated and taken the time to visit the ila Handbags site and Facebook page. We’re all so appreciative of your support! Looking forward to announcing the winner on Monday so definitely check back bright and early. 

I’m already a huge fan of Simply Bloom Photography’s incredible vintage style, but this shower truly takes the cake. Christine and Vania are the creatives behind the camera at Simply Bloom and Christine is pregnant with her first baby so Vania naturally organized the loveliest shower for her and her baby-to-be.

Every detail from the twine embroidered names on the invitation, to the dessert table to even the hostesses’ wardrobe was all beautifully coordinated and gorgeously executed. It’s seriously one of my dreams to throw a big bash that has a specific color theme and ask guests to wear colors to match the event. I mean, photographs just look better and I can only imagine sitting at the party and enjoying the aesthetic of everything coming together (can you tell I’ve been dreaming of this?). I love everything about this shower and maybe one day when I’m prego (to my personal friends, no this is not where I share any special “news”) I’ll have a shower half this cute!

{all photos by Simply Bloom}

I’m smitten over this gorgeous red-headed model that I spotted over at The Exquisite Banana. Check out more great photos and outfits from Darling Clothes’s look book here.

As an Asian female (I felt weird calling myself a girl and I don’t quite feel like a woman…Britney Spears anyone?), I traditionally like to think that I look best with my naturally black hair. It’s not to say that I haven’t had highlights a time or three in my lifetime, but I think this model’s voluminous red locks prompts the question – what color hair have you always dreamt of having? For several years I wanted blue streaks in my hair. Yes, blue! My e-mail address and usernames all used to be “blueviv” because I really thought it was the coolest idea.

I think I’m in puppy love, literally. Nicole Mlarkar-Livingston is the eye behind these adorable shots and she’s a fantastic photographer based out of Austin. Here’s a little intro to Nicole:


Nicole Mlakar Photography provides lifestyle photography for Austin’s pets and the people who love them. Her on-location natural light photography will produce captivating portraits of you and your furry loved ones.


Now furry could really apply to either my dog Hoosier Daddy or Jon (trust me, he’s giggling as he reads this) but either way, I’d absolutely love a shoot with Nicole and our little family of three. I can only imagine how adorable Hoosier would be in these photos! If you’re in the metroplex Nicole also makes two trips a year up to Dallas. Woohoo!

Are you in love yet? What! You’re not a dog lover? What can I do to change your mind? You say you prefer cats? That’s fine, we can still be friends.

{Upon posting Nicole‘s work I was instantly reminded of Amy Moss’ similar post}

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