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This year has had its share of ups and downs as far as creativity goes for me, so I wanted to ensure that our Christmas cards were really something special and a good reflection of our marriage (think really fun and cool and then subtract the cool part) and what the Lord’s done in our life this year. Admittedly, we have two versions of this card because this lovely trifold print doesn’t come too cheaply but please know that we wish we could have mailed it out to everyone (the other version is just our photo and update)!

My two inspirations came from the ever-brilliant Amanda Jane’sA Year in Review” and Lande and Maze’s chevron save -the-dates. I decided on a bright color palette after receiving comments from friends who enjoyed our colorful Christmas cards from last year. Jon’s favorite part of the card is the map and my favorite part is the “Jon + Viv Heart Food” and the key below the cities we traveled to that show where we drove, flew and danced (walking until you can’t feel your feet is considered dancing right). And I naturally had my theologian husband choose a wonderful quote as the intro to our card:

Praise be to God, and all glory and honor to Him who sent his Son to be our light and our ultimate joy! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!


I am absolutely smitten with downtown McKinney, a suburb about half an hour outside of Dallas. The downtown square  has the ideal set up of antique stores and locally run restaurants that crafters and girlfriends flock to by the dozen.  My cousins Tami and Lisa and I have a tradition where we spend the day together to celebrate each of our birthdays and take photos of our adventure. To celebrate Tami’s 23rd birthday we began the day with a lunch at one of my fave restaurants, Spoons. If you go, I highly recommend you order a warm entrée. Comfort food is best served hot!

Afterwards we hit up a few antiques stores and tried to keep out mouths closed so as not to drool over all the vintage goodies.

Tami is a huge reader and had always wanted a photo in a bookstore. Downtown McKinney was the perfect spot to find a charming bookstore with a black and white tiled floor. Isn’t she adorable?

I quickly identified my favorite store in the entire square – Pantina Green Home and Market. While walking around the square my interests were immediately peaked upon seeing the bold (and brilliant) choice of wallpaper within the shop. Patina Green immediately lured me in and my cousins and I could not have been more thankful to discover such a gem. Patina Green consists of…

{remember the post with the pretty flowers? They’re from here!}

an eating area with the aforementioned wallpaper and

some rustic charmed seating,

a farmer’s market with locally grown fruits and veggies and

an antique shop that will make your heart flutter. In love yet? Well I certainly hoped as much! And I have to say that I met one of the owners of the shop who 1)was sincerely kind and 2)insisted I visit their restroom. Naturally, I obliged.

A tall burlap curtain, stunning settee, sink with vintage fixtures and coin tile floor in a restroom? I nearly camped out there for the evening.

To end the day we proceeded with our cousin tradition which was to take some fun photos of each other to remember the day.

If you’re coming to Dallas anytime in the near future you’ve got to put downtown McKinney on your list of places to visit. You won’t regret it (unless it’s a 100+ degree weather…).

ila Handbags Giveaway Winner

Alright! I know several of you have been waiting with great anticipation for the giveaway winner of the ila Handbags so I won’t keep you waiting any longer! The winner is comment #15….

Hannah from Culture Connoisseur

Hannah, I am so excited for you and I appreciate all your support. Be sure to contact me to let me know you’ve seen your name drawn! And definitely check out her blog for great recipes, photos and travel tips!
A huge thanks goes to Paula and Brian for offering such a generous giveaway and partnering with TEL. They are just as neat as their awesome bags and I hope you’ll all consider supporting them and telling your friends about their handbags! Also, I really appreciated those of you who took the time to let me know how excited you were about the giveaway (and how much you hoped I’d draw your name). The Eclectic Life will not be a big giveaway blog, but I definitely don’t mind giving away products I’m obsessed with, like ila Handbags, on occasion and a product that I think you’ll love just as much as I do. Feel free to let me know if you’d like to see more giveaways in the future!
Happy Monday friends!

I like having options, don’t you? I had three design deadlines this week (not to mention planning a party, shopping for a car and enduring the busyness at work) so I’ve been weaving in and out of my design files looking for this and that and I realized I tend to offer my clients these fun little option boards. Whether it’s a variation in font for their monogram, or choosing a color pairing for their invite, it’s always nice to give options and to be given options. Above are a few option boards I’ve done for three very different weddings: one traditional American, another modern Indian, and another a destination wedding.

Sometimes, clients can’t get enough options (not always a bad thing, but sometimes it can prolong the design process). Sometimes, they just want me to pick (this can be both good and bad depending on the client, but I enjoy it because it means they trust my aesthetic). And sometimes I wonder if I’m giving too many options or not enough. If you’re a designer, how do you prefer to offer your clients options? Where do you limit yourself? If you’ve been on the client side of design or intend to be, how many options do you like to be given? I’m just curious to see how people approach this subject. I’ll continue to offer my incredible clients options to suit their fancy, but I am learning how to become more efficient for myself and for them.

I hope you opt to have a great Thursday!

{all images created by The Eclectic Author for The Eclectic Press}

{the bottom of the card says “lifestyle blogger & dance party enthusiast”…..I mean…I had to be myself on a business card, right?}

{back of the card}

After a design labor intensive weekend I could not decide which route to go for my business cards,but I finally came to a decision and I’m pretty satisfied. What do you think? Feedback please! I’m not looking for a design award here, but I hope to communicate an eclectic (naturally!), friendly, and clean feel. I mean the back has “let’s be friends!” on it so it can’t get more friendly than that, can it? I don’t know what the business card etiquette is at Alt, but I hope to pass several out! For those of you who may be curious, the design at the top of the cards is supposed to represent several tape strips (specifically washi tape).

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I caught a miserable case of food poisoning late Saturday evening so needless to say I’m feeling a little under the weather. I’ve had some very sweet friends offer to pick stuff up for me or drop off food, but fortunately I have the world’s best husband waiting on me hand and foot. Hopefully I’ll feel better by my next post! {image via Pinterest}

This is my most recent invitation design that I finished  for an incredible client who has trusted me to do both her entire wedding suite and her best friend’s bachelorette party invite, featured here. If I had to be honest I would tell you that lately I’ve felt that maybe I don’t have what it takes to pursue this design career that I’m after. There are so many designers out there full of sheer brilliance, creativity, and originality that I’m not 100% positive I possess. But this invite represents to me a step in the right direction toward the creative I aspire to be and hopefully can be.

When I began this project the design literally embodied every characteristic that I thought I was trying so hard to avoid in my work: unoriginal, lacking good design composition, poor color choice and overall dull (trust me, I’m not being harsh! You should see it!). After looking at some of my favorite invitation designers’ work, I was able to derive inspiration from a number of designs to create this bachelorette party invite. Now, I understand that this invite is by no means perfect, but I feel encouraged that my creative process is hopefully being molded into something more sophisticated. Let me know what you think! Feel free to share with me your favorite designers and why you love them so.

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