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My vision is good enough that I’ve never needed glasses, but I’ve been obsessed with them since owning my first vanity pair in high school. And clearly, I’m still obsessed. Enjoy.

 GWG photo by Trevor Hoehne


 warby parker


 source unknown source


gentle pure space

 Sporting my own spectacles (my souvenir from San Francisco) while preparing for the Halloween party we attended Saturday night. I’m a nerd if you can’t tell. Isn’t my husband awesome at tying a bow tie?


I’m a sucker for great type, especially when unconventional materials are used to create it. Anna Garforth is the artist responsible for these typographic installations and I love how she can magically transforms moss, masking tape and leaves into a stunning work of art. Imagine if Anna Garforth and Dana Tanamachi got together to paint a beautiful message. It would surely be destined for greatness!

{via Design Mom}


I want to live with a thousand umbrellas floating in the sky.

{source via here}

Love the bench and the great lighting too.

{via Houzz}

Check out this wedding with a yellow, gray and soft green color palette. This wedding is also from Once Wed which is the website where I found the incredible farm wedding I posted about earlier.



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