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 These pictures combine an array of some of my favorites in an assortment of categories. First, in these photos is one of my all-time favorite invitation clients, Ashley Ginzburg (utterly gorgeous, isn’t she). Secondly, Ash is “workin’ it ” in a frock by one of my favorite dress designers, Sarah Seven. Thirdly these photos are taken by one of my very favorite Dallas photographers, Lauren Larsen. And lastly, this book page backdrop was created by one of the most creative people I know, Heather Destena. It’s a little too much creativity and favoritism to handle in one post, isn’t it?

I’m honored to say Ashley discovered Sarah Seven’s work through a post I shared back in February. When she told me she had purchased a SS, I was practically giddy, but when she mentioned that Lauren Larsen wanted to take photos of her wearing it, I was downright excited. Lauren has a genius idea in the works to take photographs of her clients in both their wedding gown and rehearsal dinner dress. Great idea, right?

The book page wall, a stunning model, a talented photographer and a creative-oozing stylist make for one amazing shoot. Check out the rest of the photos here and more of Lauren Larsen’s work here.


If you have a minute and a half, love innovative paper ideas and enjoy being charmed by a couple’s creativity then please check out this video, pronto.

If this is their invitation, I cannot wait to see their actual wedding.

What’s hilarious about this is my good friend Jason e-mailed this to me this morning, and then Jon e-mailed it to me an hour later both of whom know my tastes all too well. Enjoy!

{via Mashable by Kelli Anderson}

I’m basically in love with Jesi Haack Designs right now. Here are just a few brilliant visuals from their awesome portfolio. They specialize in planning events and styling shoots and as their site puts it they “will whip up something DYNOMITE” for your special occasion! My fave detail is probably that watercolor cake on the yellow chevron table cloth at top!  Swwwwwoooooonnnnnn!

Planning a wedding? A party? Need some serious eye candy? Head over to Jesi Hack Design’s….now. Okay, I don’t want to be bossy. Take your time. Go when you want. Okay, go now!

I’ve always been a huge fan of color in general so these spectacular engagements are pretty much warming every place in my heart. The fun eye behind these pictures is Australian photographers You Can’t Be Serious. They’re a husband and wife duo (photography + videography) and judging by this photo idea, I think they’re pretty brilliant and likely loads of fun. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was looking at these photographs!  This shoot reminds me a lot of this party idea that I’d love to do one day with friends (strangers are welcome too though).

Have any fun photo ideas you’ve been loving lately? If you did this idea with your special someone or friends, what three colors would you choose to throw in their face (it’s not love until you throwing stuff at each other). I’ve loved the color blue my entire life, so I think it’d be really neat to have a monochromatic color fight with Jon with various tints and hues of blue! Talking about all this blue makes this song come to mind

(found via Pinterest; all photos by You Can’t Be Serious}

After I saw this wedding posted on Oh Happy Day, I couldn’t get it out of my head. My favorite part? The absolutely perfect vintage wedding dress. The boat neck neckline, subtle bow on the waist, and the pouf of the skirt is….pardon my redundancy,  simply perfect. I live to wear dresses like this!

This wedding has some exquisite details. I’ve been in love with silk dupioni since I discovered it in college so I’m understandably smitten with the box wrapped in the fabric and the sewn flowers as well. If you think this wedding looks gorgeous, wait til’ you see the bride’s incredible dress.

{Photographed by Stephanie Williams}

one of my closest friends got engaged just over a week ago and i couldn’t be more excited for her and the future hubby. i can’t take too much credit, but i did help this pair get together and it has been so neat watching the Lord work through their relationship as they’ve grown closer and more in love with one another. here are pictures from tepi and joey’s engagement party!

katy, tepi, & me! almost the whole road trip team…

and the happy couple!

there are too many great things i can say about these two so i’ll sum up their relationship from my eyes in a few words:

Christ seeking, servant hearts, intentional, funny, genuine, in love, worthy of being given shots (inside joke….b/w me & tepi…not joey…ha)

with great joy: viv

VLD (can i call it that for short? assuming most of you ((all 3 of you!)) understand what i’m referring to) had a nice little photography session on sunday afternoon to update the site on some of the latest creations.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Vivien Ly Designs, it’s a little invitation business that my husband and I do on the side. It’s fun to look at fine art, graphic design, fashion and home decor as inspirations for paper goods. In addition to invites, I also loooooove photography! Here are some of our latest designs:

I’m so proud to announce VLD’s first wedding invitation with RSVP card! I was excited……but probably a lot more nervous about working on this project. I did this for an adorable couple who is having a destination wedding in Florida. Jon and I are friends with the bride’s mom and I was overjoyed to get to know Shelbi. She’s just as sweet as her mom Gail! Shelbi & Dustin wanted a casual wedding invitation with some modern, clean touches.I created a couple of original designs for them and actually sent them this final invitation design a few days before I was supposed to meet them in person with a hard copy to view. Thankfully, they loved it and I’m happy to call it my first wed invite.

Here’s VLD’s first official wedding program! Printed on this beautiful cream iridescent paper by Stardream for the cover and a matte cream paper on the inside. I made a program very similar to this one as a wedding gift for a friend who got married in November and another friend liked it so much she hired me to create for her own wedding.

This invite is on top of some of my B&W photography prints from college!

I loved the way these photos came out showing the grain of the wooden frame.

Happy Friday friends!


Did I mention that I lo-ooooove weddings? My wedding is a year and a half behind me, but I can’t help but enjoy the big white dresses, colors, details and the emotion of the entire event. It really is beautiful. It costs way too much money, but still…..beautiful.

I found this exquisite barn wedding first going through delightful blogs, then clicking on “design: decor: style,” and then selecting cup of jo, which finally brought me to this wedding. It was a pretty round about process, I know.

I’ve been obsessed with the incredible photography, the color scheme and fullness of the flowers, the bride’s dress, the RAIN, the bridal party’s boots, and the barn location since I discovered it a couple of hours ago so I naturally need to blog about it to share all of its bucolic charm.


you’re welcome.

with joy: viv

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